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12 Month Money Challenge

12 Month Money Challenge

12 Month Money Challenge

i like it, i pinned it in case I lost it. Hey, also I read an article what we need to consider whenever we buy expensive things, appliance etc. its helpful and i think that article compliments your site as well, i think. you can check in case you want to https://www.shorisuperstore.com/blogs/news/118248837-2-main-considerations-prior-to-home-appliance-investment

I like how your saving is done. I was going to do another one, but your seems much simplier....will be going into my planner.

Thanks Anita! I'm glad you are going to try this one. Keep us updated on your progress!

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You might be thinking, wait a 12 Month Money Challenge?! Yep, that's right! You've probably heard us talk about creating a new website for all of our finance tips and travel posts but in order to keep my sanity, we've decided to update this website to include those instead. You will find finance tips and trip/hike reviews in the coming weeks. We've also added a \"money\" page and \"travel\" page to the navigation. All of this will be continually updated as I move posts here from other websites.

You can read more here but we decided to add this section to our existing website to help individuals live an enjoyable life through health and wealth. We share a strong passion in helping our community get better at budgeting, saving and investing, and general personal finance along with living a healthier lifestyle in regards to moving more and eating healthy.

Finance is just like Fitness - you have to STICK WITH IT to see results, sometimes they don't come as quickly as you would like but if you stick with it a year from now you will be amazed at what you accomplished!

If you have been \"following\" me you know that I love to save money. My entire life I have worked and saved everything I made - it's in my blood. I even ironed my money before putting it into my \"cash box\" when I was little. You can read more about that here but I've received multiple requests to help share with you what I do to save money. It's natural for me to save and I've actually had to work on letting loose of some of it. I've realized that it's okay to spend money in order to create memories (for example, all the traveling we do). I still have a hard time spending money on \"things\" though. We choose to spend our money on organic food and quality supplements since those are things that really matter!

I've shared a few posts on how to save/make money but I wanted to end this year with a \"12 Month Money Challenge\" that you can start in the new year! If you follow my savings plan listed you will save $1,050 in one year! The monthly amount may sound like a lot at first but there are ways that everyone can cut back!

Below are a few examples to look over when you do your budget:

Prepare dinner at home instead of going out to eat

Do your own nails instead of getting them done

Watch a movie at home instead of going to the theater

Make your own coffee at home, skip Starbucks

Cancel your cable

Sell things you don't use/need

Or, find a way to make some extra money and put it away!

I challenge you, if you have more money to put away - double this. If you REALLY can't make it work (I mean REALLY, not just that you don't want to give up your Starbucks or nails) then half the amount listed

Original article and pictures take http://www.heandsheeatclean.com/blog/12-month-money-challenge site

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