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16 Christmas tree crafts to try

16 Christmas tree crafts to try

16 Christmas tree crafts to try

Great round-up! I love that they are all Christmas trees but none of them look the same!

what a fun collection of ideas! thank you so much for including our driftwood tree and our paint chip tree gift tags!

Love it and thank you for including me

Hi Cathy! Thank you for including our trees. So many lovely ideas. Kristi

Thankyou for including us in your great round up! I really want to give one of those handprint trees a try this year, what a cute keepsake as well as a decoration.

What lovely ideas! Thank you for sharing them. I especially like the sticks and paint strip ones. Now I have to think which to do with my boys…

What a wonderful collection! I always miss your collections….we are working on trees now and then some!

Actually working on a plate tree….similar to the one above!

What a great collection of tree ideas! Thank you for including our melted crayon trees. We have been on a Christmas tree kick this week and may try some of the other ideas.

I LOVE these ideas! My first time here and this post alone has made me bookmark your blog.

What a great collection! How did I miss this post before now?

What a fantastic collection,thanks for sharing.xxx

Oh I love this collection of trees for the kiddos! Thnk you for rounding the projects up! This is an instant pin and now I have a new blo to take a gander at.

I love this round-up! What a great bunch of ideas!

It’s amazing how many ways there are to make a Christmas tree craft. Here are some of my favourite Christmas tree ideas featuring lots of different styles and techniques to try out.

Easy Christmas tree crafts for kids

hat I love about them especially, apart from the fact that they all look beautiful, it that they are all child-friendly, using materials you’re likely to already have at home. Click on the links below each picture to find out how the trees were made and pick a few to try with your kids!

Above: make a Christmas tree craft with:

Make a Christmas tree craft with a

Create an upright Christmas tree craft with

Beautiful keepsake Christmas tree crafts using

Christmas crafts and activities

See all our Christmas crafts and activities here

Original article and pictures take http://nurturestore.co.uk/christmas-tree-crafts site

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