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25 Preschool Christmas Crafts the Kids Will Love!

25 Preschool Christmas Crafts the Kids Will Love!

25 Preschool Christmas Crafts the Kids Will Love!

These are awesome!

I am glad you like them, Sandy!

I am going to do the Christmas trees tomorrow with our pre-schoolers, but omit the toxic dyes and use spinach juice to color the frosting, and probably cranberries dipped in sugar for the ornaments. Also thinking I’ll do card stock paper star ornaments with the baby Jesus on them – I love the little bit of straw on there, and the kids will too. Maybe use ribbon for a hanger? Thanks for posting.

That’s great, Ruth! Have fun!

Are you looking for ways to get your littlest family members in the Christmas spirit? This list of 25 Preschool Christmas Crafts is sure to help! Get started on any one of these Christmas crafts like a foot print reindeer, hand print Christmas tree, paper plate angel, then go ahead and crank up the Christmas tunes and bust out some yummy Christmas cookies. They will be having fun and feeling festive in no time!

For more fun holiday craft ideas for the kids, be sure to follow my Christmas Crafts for Kids Pinterest board!

Preschool Christmas Crafts Made by Hand or Foot

1. Handprint Christmas Tree: Dip a cute little hand in paint and add pretty embellishments to make this festive Handprint Christmas Tree.

2. Footprint Snowman: To create this friendly Footprint Snowman, stamp a painted foot onto construction paper then finish him off with miscellaneous craft supplies like felt, foam or construction paper for the hat, scarfs, buttons, eyes, nose and mouth.

3. Santa with Handprint Beard: Replace cotton balls with a sweet little hand when making this Santa craft project. A hand print makes a fitting beard and fingers dipped in paint complete Santa’s hat nicely.

4. Paper Bag Rudolph: I love preschool Christmas crafts that are not only fun to make but also useful. Besides looking cute, this Paper Bag Rudolph project is ideal for bringing home party treats and gifts.

5. Hand Print Wreath: There’s no store bought wreath that can compete with this sweet hand print creation.

6. Santa and His Reindeer: Santa and his reindeer never looked so good, with the help of a foot print sled and hand print reindeer.

7. Footprint Reindeer: Make this charming pair of reindeer by borrowing two little feet.

8. Reindeer with Hand Print Antlers: The kids can leave their personal touch on their reindeer in the form of hand print antlers.

More Fun Preschool Christmas Crafts

9. Paper Plate Wreath: Transform a boring white paper plate into a wreath you’d be proud to display.

10. Candy Cane: Let the kids create this sweet treat, a candy candy.

11. Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer: Wait! Before you toss those empty toilet paper rolls, let the kids turns them into Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer.

12. Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Encourage the kids to make these homemade Christmas ornaments to beautifully adorn your tree.

13. Construction Paper Wreaths: No fancy craft supplies needed for this preschool Christmas craft, just affix rings of green construction paper then glue on red construction paper berry accents and a bow to make this charming wreath.

14. Styrofoam Cups Snowman: Who knew two white styrofoam cups could make such an adorable snowman? Draw or glue on facial features and buttons then complete his look with a hat and scarf.

15. Paper Plate Angel: There are lots of things to love about this Paper Plate Angel project. It is simple, inexpensive and absolutely beautiful.

16. Paper Plate Gingerbread Man: Though you can’t eat this gingerbread man, his smiling face is still worth making.

17. Craft Stick Snowman Face: Assemble painted craft sticks then let the kids glue on googly eyes, a mouth, a carrot shaped nose and trim for his hat.

18. Cotton Ball Bearded Santa: Create this full bearded Santa with the help of a bag of cotton balls and construction paper.

19. Santa Beard: Get the kids in the Christmas spirit with a personal Santa beard.

20. 3-D Christmas Tree: Paper towel tubes create the base for this 3-D Christmas tree. After the rings have been painted and assembled, let the kids trim their trees with items such as pom-poms, sequins, and stickers.

21. Homemade Snowman Face: Old buttons, beads, tissue paper and even scraps of fabric glued onto a styrofoam ball are all that’s needed to bring this homemade Snowman Face to life.

22. Paper Plate Christmas Tree: Here’s yet another brilliant use of paper plates. When painted and decorated with pom-poms, foam stickers and sequins, they make stunning Christmas trees.

23. Popsicle Stick Reindeer: A large pair of googly eyes, pipe cleaner antlers, a pom-pom nose, and a Popsicle stick face create these cute reindeer.

24. Candy Tree: An ice cream cone, cookie, frosting and M&Ms are the yummy supplies needed to make this candy tree.

25. Jesus Nativity Christmas Craft: Making this Jesus Nativity Christmas craft is a perfect way to celebrate Christmas with the little ones.

Which of these preschool Christmas crafts will your kids love? Please share in the comments

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