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25 T-Shirt Crafts for Teens

25 T-Shirt Crafts for Teens

25 T-Shirt Crafts for Teens

We all have dozens of old t-shirts we don’t wear anymore. Or if we don’t, they are super easy to pick-up from any local thrift store. That’s what makes these 25 t-shirt crafts for teens so much fun…literally anyone with access to t-shirts can do them. Happy Crafting!

25 T-Shirt Crafts for Teens

1. This easy to make t-shirt skirt is a perfect way to add to your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

2. Fashionable headbands can make or break any outfit.

3. And while you’re updating your wardrobe, why not make this shag rug for your room.

4. Don’t leave your phone on the floor when you can pop it into this hanging basket.

5. Going to the beach? You NEED this t-shirt bag!

6. Bracelets don’t have to be expensive to be flirty and fun.

7. Why pay big bucks for designer t’s when you can make this bleach spray shirt at home?

8. Rainy weekend? This latch hook rug is a perfect time waster for sitting in front of the television.

9. Where do you keep your change? I keep mine in this coil bowl.

10. Don’t cover up with some bulky old apron when you can make this adorable, easy apron instead.

11. Who doesn’t enjoy hanging out in pajama pants?

12. These pom-poms make a great decoration for your walls.

13. Just because you’re a teen doesn’t mean you don’t still enjoy fringe swirling around your legs. This ombre fringe skirt is Exactly what you’ve been looking for.

14. Hoodies and teen life were MADE for each other. And now you can make your own hoodies out of old t-shirts.

15. This fringe necklace is an awesome addition to any accessory stash.

16. Speaking of accessories, this ruffle scarf is a must-have.

17. Yoga pants are like socially acceptable wear-out pajama bottoms. Why? Who knows. But since they’re made from old t-shirts you KNOW they’ll be comfy.

18. Want to commemorate that t-shirt, but not ruin the design? Turn it into wall art.

19. This maxi dress is super comfortable and super inexpensive to make.

20. It’s summer. Somewhere. And this no-sew halter top is something you’ll need for your summer wardrobe.

21.Tired of things sliding off your nightstand? These placemats keep everything, well, in place.

22. Snuggle up under this throw blanket made from all of your favorite old t-shirts.

23. Once you’ve made the throw, you’ve got to accessorize with pillows. It’s the law.

24. This side-gathered shirt is super easy to make and totally fashion forward.

25. Perk up your floor decor with this hula hoop rag rug. It’ll only take a few hours to make, but if you’ve got a few hours, why not make something awesome?

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