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Cheap and Easy Queen of Hearts Costume

Cheap and Easy Queen of Hearts Costume

Cheap and Easy Queen of Hearts Costume

i LOVE this! you always make the best costumes!!!!

Now if she’d only wear it too, I’d be happy. She’s killing me.

Amazing! You need to write a book of costumes you can make with duct tape and a plain black dress :). I’m sorry she’s not loving it :(. At least you have the amazing photos to prove that it happened!

Sigh! Yup, I guess the photos are for me to enjoy.

so amazing! i’m sorry you’re struggling with your daughter. I truly hope it gets easier for both of you! I think the costume was genius and very creative!

Thank you Erin

I am so sorry sad that your little beauty. Is still having serious sensory troubles. I think all you do for her is just fabulous. Extraordinary costumes.

Thanks Sheryll, it’s great that you understand her. You are always the sweetest.

So sorry about your struggles. Your daughter is gorgeous and so is the costume you’ve made. You are very creative and talented. Be positive.

Thank you! I’m trying to be positive

I think it’s amazing! Seriously, blown away by your creativity. As far as the sensory issues, I’d just let her make what she wants to make and wear. We don’t have those issues, but we have others and in the end… it’s not worth the fight just for what I want. Keep your chin up!

Thank you and I know but she most of the time doesn’t even know what she can handle herself and lets it out on me which is so frustrating.

I love the costume! Sorry she won’t wear it. She looked cute in the photos so at least you have those to remember the costume by

Yes, I’m glad I have the photos!

You have such made skills, Julia! Seriously gorgeous.

It definitely sounds like the sensory issues have worn you out. I’ll send some prayers and hugs your way. I hope some day in the future you and your daughter can have so much fun being creative together, and I’m sorry that the struggle with the issues is making things so rough.

Also, your daughter is super cute. Mine is only 2.5 and does not yet have any strong opinions about her Halloween costume so this year, we’re doing a family costume going as Doctor Who, River Song, and the Tardis. I’ll be having fun making a dark blue prom dress into a Tardis dress for her. She’ll just think it’s a princess dress, and we can revel in our geeky glory.

That’s what it’s all about how fun!

Thank you!

THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!! Your daughter has so much personality But seriously, this queen of hearts costume looks beyond beyond. And the face paint job is impeccable!

Thanks Brittany! You can say that out loud about her personality. She scares me most of the time LOL. She’s a force of nature!

This is just insanely creative. I mean, I want to dress up as the Queen of Hearts now! Who cares about the kids?!

Haha thanks and that’s totally what I was thinking when she said she won’t wear it. I will then!!!

You are truly a costume master! My daughter and I loved looking at this!

Thanks so much! I love doing it and wish she’d be into it as much as I am. She loves doing it to her dolls but the minute it’s for herself, she can’t handle it most of the time

I know what you’re going through, my daughter was the same way. She would put something on and immediately rip it off. Going shopping with her was a nightmare and I used to get so angry! She’s now 17 and has style galore and looks like a super model. Don’t fret, it will get better!! You’re costumes are amazing!! Maybe she’ll appreciate looking at the photos as she grows older!

I had just always imagined me going shopping with my little daughter and getting her dressed up and it just turned out so differently. It breaks my heart at times.

You ROCK!!! I need you to make costumes for me!

her costume(s) turned out so cute!!! Love your take on the Queen of Hearts!

You make the BEST costumes for your littles! This is so good and I love that it was easy and inexpensive but looks AMAZING!

This is absolutely amazing!! You are so clever with costumes!! So sorry she had problems with it – I agree, think you should just wear it yourself Big hugs hun, hope things improve, it must be such a frustrating situation for you both xxx

Thank you, I can use hugs with her frequently.

Julia, you did a fantastic job! I love this costume and the makeup is spot on! I know your daughter doesn’t want to wear it but you got some fantastic pictures.

Thanks Darnetha and I am thankful that I have some photos of it and I hope that one day she will love to see them too.

I totally used hour maleficent idea and it worked beautifully!! Thanks so much ! I’ll see if I can figure out how to post a pic of her headpiece and staff

Oh how cool. I’m glad it worked out for you.

The queen of hearts outfit is awesome. Having raised two rather high strung young ladies I totally understand where you coming from. I on the other hand am the one who can’t stand certain materials touching me.

I have certain things too that I don’t like Letia but with my daughter it’s just about everything which is so hard. She goes through periods where she is ok and then periods where she is bothered by everything.

You always come up with the best costumes for your girl. Such a clever design!

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Queen Of Hearts Costume

[…] and lifted it all off my countertop so I could cut it. I used regular craft scis […]

Are you ready for this years costume? I don’t even know where to begin because it’s always a tough one with our daughter. (If you are new around here you can read up about her struggles HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE, yup it’s a lot) I always have to start out her costumes with a plain muumuu type dress and then she loves villains now (sigh), she’s opinionated beyond any normal reasoning and very moody.

I thought Queen of Hearts would be awesome but when I showed her the photos again from the Queen in the latest movie played by Helena Bonham Carter, she almost lost it and was beside herself how ugly she is. When I showed her my red wig that I had leftover from my adult Elmo costume (click HERE there is a small photo at the bottom of the post) she was starting to like the idea again. I had to promise her that we’d come up with our own version of her.

(This post contains some affiliate links to help keep this blog up and running. Click here to read my full disclosure policy)

Cheap and Easy Queen of Hearts Costume

I started out with this dress from Target that they unfortunately don’t sell anymore

but you can use any plain black dress like this one HERE and HERE.

And I think this black and white long sleeve dress HERE would work really really well. I love it!

Additionally I purchased red and yellow duct tape, cards (click HERE) and a cape (click HERE it is an adult sized one). I already had the dress, crown which I originally bought in Germany but you could use these foil crowns HERE or this pretty crown HERE. The face paint and adult red wig I already had as well (click HERE and HERE).

In my head I mapped out a combination of all the inspirational images I found of the Queen of Hearts and I felt like I really wanted to include the yellow and black dress detail from the cartoon and that is where the duct tape came in place. I started laying out a pattern, drew a line in the middle and cut the line. After that I taped red duct tape together on my kitchen countertop, measured a rectangle of the size heart I wanted on her chest, drew a heart on the duct tape within that rectangle and lifted it all off my countertop so I could cut it. I used regular craft scissors to cut out the shape and pasted the hearts on the chest of the dress.

Here is what I ended up with and it wasn’t all that exact to be honest but it was ok in the end:

I also used the cards to tape them to the collar of the cape with black duct tape which you can see in the upcoming photos. I taped them together on the back of the cards with the duct tape and then glued them with super glue to some cardboard which then was taped to the cape with duct tape again.

For her makeup I used THIS paint again and ended up doing a simple version of the Queen’s makeup with white face, blue eye shadow, black eyebrows and eyeliner, a black heart mole and red heart lips:

Over the makeup part she had a major fit because the dress was bothering her again. I guess even a muumuu wasn’t cutting it this time. I ended up having to redo the white face paint twice because she was crying and flipping out. Ugh I’m sure it’s so hard to imagine for parents who’s kids can wear just about anything. She can’t and she is still driving me insane, especially when I put a lot of work and thought into something like this.

I was thrilled how it turned out but I’m not sure about her.

I told her to smile but she said that the Queen is miserable and doesn’t smile….Ok young lady. Whatever!

My husband and I loved it but guess what she is doing now? Sitting in her room cutting up sweat pants so she can make her own comfortable Zombie outfit (What happened to wanting to be a princess?). I don’t know if I should laugh or cry about it. I’m glad she wants to be creative in her own way but also upset that she can’t just put this one on. Did you notice in the photo that I had to stick the cape on the wall because she couldn’t even handle wearing it on her shoulders? Sensory issues galore here again and my nerves are wearing really really thin.

Besides what my daughter thinks, do you like it?



As a sad clown (click HERE)

As Maleficent where I used a plain black dress and duct tape again. Click HERE:

And the year before that she was a sugar skull which again used a plain black dress. Click HERE to read more:

And as a little witch with attitude:

And my little renaissance princess:

Original article and pictures take http://www.cuckoo4design.com/2015/10/cheap-and-easy-queen-of-hearts-costume.html site

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