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Chocolate Marshmallow Mountain Cookies

Chocolate Marshmallow Mountain Cookies

Chocolate Marshmallow Mountain Cookies

I’m going to a party tonight and these are SO going with me! Thanks for something fun and new to take!

I just gained 10 pounds !!! Those look amazing

Stephanie – I think climbing a few mountains after eating these cookies is a good idea! Burn off those calories!!!

These cookies look so delicious! I have a question though. In the description area it says to “Beat well shortening, milk, water, egg and vanilla.” I don’t see water as an ingredient. Can you tell me how much water to add? THANKS so much! I’m planning on taking these to a cookie exchange that I’ve been going to for well over 20 years!

Cindy – Good catch – that 2 Tbsp should be water not milk. I will get it changed in the post. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Happy baking for your cookie exchange!

Any ideas on how to store these? I am frosting them as I type, and wondering if they weill get too hard…but they’re still to “wet” to layer… any tips? Thanks!

Erin, I find that the frosting does harden enough that I can stack them in a container. Hope you enjoy them!!

I dream of Grandma’s cookie shop at the Vancouver Mall and these were my childhood favorite. Thanks for the recipe!

I just made these for a work function and I added a Sno-Cap to the top to enhance the moutain-look. they were a total hit! I’m going to use the basic chocolate drop cookie recipe and try a bunch of different things in it besides marshamallow. First on the list…Rolos!

So glad they were a hit – I love Rolos and think they would be amazing in this cookie!!

Chocolate Marshmallow Mountains are my kind of mountain, full of chocolate and marshmallow!

For the month of November, I have joined up with Cindy from SkiptomyLou who will be doing sewing ideas, while Mique from Thirty Handmade Days, will be posting craft ideas, will share how to decorate in holiday style. Of course you are going to find lots of great baking ideas here! All the ideas you are going to need for creating fun and delicious food treats for all your friends and neighbors.

This cookie recipe has been a family favorite for a long time. I first posted it here on the blog back in December of 2008! It was time for a little recipe redo and is too good to stay buried in the archives of the blog.

Here’s the original post:

Today’s cookie recipe is one I have had for years. I can’t remember where it came from but it may have come from my sister in law Tricia – the amazing cookie baker. Years ago when Tricia and David (Jim’s brother) lived in Vancouver she and I both fell in love with these yummy chocolate/marshmallow cookies they sold at the mall. I would drive 30 minutes to the Vancouver mall just to have one of those cookies.

We were both so sad when the store closed down and no more cookies! I think Tricia may have found this recipe so we could make them ourselves at home. Do you remember Tricia?

When Tessa got home from school and sampled the cookies her response was “I could eat 50 of these!”

Beware: they are rich and you may need to climb a few mountains after eating them to burn off the calories but they are worth it and it’s the holidays so calories don’t count!!

After you pull the cookie out of the oven, top it with half of a large marshmallow, cut side down.

Then once they cool you get to cover that little marshmallow mountain with chocolate frosting.

I hope you enjoy these yummy little chocolate mountains and I bet you can’t eat just one either!

This recipe originally was posted Dec. 5, 2008

Original article and pictures take http://www.yourhomebasedmom.com/holiday-cookie-exchange-chocolate-mountains/ site

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