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Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas Using Kraft Paper

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas Using Kraft Paper

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas Using Kraft Paper

I love anything to do with gifts and gift wrapping!! I love that you showed how to do each one. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for stopping by! I do too. I just can’t get enough of gift wrapping. It is definitely not a chore to me.

The pom pom ones have stolen my heart! Ultra adorable!

Thank you so much! Pom poms are so cheap but yet so cute to craft with.

The Pom pom cluster with jute is sure cute. Thank you for the ideas!

Your welcome! It ended up being one of my favorites too.

HOW CUTE! I love how simple these are but still adorable. I think I’m going to do this next year with all of my gifts! Thanks for the great ideas!

Your welcome! I’m so glad you enjoyed them.

These are too cute! I wish I was crafty like this but I can’t cut a straight line to save my life! :).

Too funny! At least with wrapping presents you can hide the crooked lines.

I love using kraft paper to wrap gifts. We always have a few rolls on hand for shipping anyway. It’s fun to have the kids decorate it too

I love it too! I love being able to get kids involved.

I love that. It’s actually nicer to me than the fancy designs because I can use really cute ribbon

Exactly! It gives you a chance to use pretty Christmas ribbon and other decorative items.

These are such cute packages! I wish I had time to do it this year, but Daughter #2 decided she didn’t want to miss the holidays I tell myself every year that I’m going to get more creative with packaging – 2015 is going to be THE YEAR! #NYResolution

I love the way gifts look wrapped in kraft paper. The little details you added are perfect! (I’m stopping by from Your Turn To Shine. I’m so glad you linked up with us!!)

Awww, your gifts are so beautifully wrapped! Love the inclusion of the Scrabble letters–very nice touch!

Hope you had a very happy holiday season/New Year/and that you are livin’ it up in the spotlight on your SITS day!

Thank you! My family was happily surprised when they opened their presents this year. I wish the same for you too!!!

I love wrapping presents more than anybody else I know, but it has become so much more fun for me this year with these Christmas gift wrapping ideas using kraft paper. Who knew that just plain and blah kraft paper that is usually used for packing and shipping could be turned into something still simple but classic.

The possibilities really are endless when using kraft paper because you are starting with nothing. No design. Absolutely nothing. I love the brown though because you can dress it up for each person’s personality that is receiving the gift.

Color though is also a must! I was lucky to run up on this red and green kraft paper at Joann. It was on sale for $0.99 and then I had a coupon on top of that. You can’t beat that price. The brown kraft paper was at Wal-Mart for about $4.00 a roll and you get much more than the colored rolls.

Kraft paper is also very durable making it fun to decorate with paint. You don’t have to worry about the paint leaking through onto the actual present. Another great thing about the durability and thickness is that is makes the actual wrapping so much easier than some gift wrap brands. There is nothing worse than finding a gift wrap design you just love to then open it and start wrapping and it seems to be so thin. You end up being able to see the gift straight through it and even somehow the corners of the box end up breaking through the corners and showing.

Another great idea with the kraft paper is to get your children involved. If they are pretty young, then they may not be able to help with the actual wrapping part. But who wouldn’t love to receive a gift from them with their painted handprints stamped on the package? Especially their grandparents. They could also color and decorate them with stickers or washi tape as well.


Pencil with eraser on the end

Basically any craft supplies you can think of to use to decorate with.

I am going to show you 5 different packages I wrapped. There is a basic concept for each one. Then you can feel free to change it up and be creative however you like.

Scrabble game pieces for gift tag

For the game pieces, you could look around at Goodwill or thrift stores for an old scrabble game and use those pieces. I found these wooden letter pieces at Michaels which look very similar and were reasonably priced. Plus you can always use a coupon to make it an even better deal.

Wrap your present with a pretty Christmas ribbon first so you will know where to place the game pieces. Instead of spelling out the person’s whole name with the letter pieces, I decided to just use the first letter of each name.

Once you are happy with how the letter pieces are laid out, you can use a sharpie to write the remaining letters and then glue the wooden pieces in place with a hot glue gun.

Reindeer Printable Gift Tag from By Dawn Nicole

I found these reindeer gift tags this week and had a fit. I love the reindeer so much! I just thought it was too cute. By Dawn Nicole has so many printables that are cute and perfect for your Christmas presents.

I first tied red and white bakers twine around the present and then used red washi tape to tape the tag to the present.

I love how it turned out. Who doesn’t love washi tape?

She also has a larger printable with the same picture of the reindeer that I plan to print and frame too.

White polka dots with jute

If you are looking for something that is simple but yet still elegant, then this design is perfect for you.

First tie your jute in place so you know where to paint. I also added a gold beaded tag for an extra flair.

Dip a pencil eraser in craft paint, and then stamp it onto the package in whatever pattern or design you choose. I did a zig-zag pattern to outline the jute. A grouping of three stamps all over would also be cute.

Christmas Flag Miniature Banner

I absolutely love this idea. I think the miniature banners are adorable for cake toppers or even now to decorate your presents with. Using some bakers twine, pom poms, and washi tape, you have the perfect decoration.

Place the bakers twine across the package with some extra to wrap around on the back to tape it in place.

Before attaching the bakers twine to the package, wrap washi tape around the twine and stick it to itself to make a flag. I then cut a triangle out of the bottom of each flag just for a little something extra. Continue with the rest of the flags.

Attach the banner to the present by taping the ends to the back of the present and allowing the banner to drape across the front.

Glue pom poms between each flag with a hot glue gun onto the twine. This will also help the banner to stay in place.

This present will have the recipient thinking you spent so much time decorating when actually it was quick and easy but very cute.

Pom pom cluster with jute

I especially love this idea of grouping pom poms together when you have a smaller package. It doesn’t really need a big bow on it to overwhelm it but these are perfect.

I first tied the jute in place and then placed the pom poms how I wanted them. Then glue each one in place using a hot glue gun.

A very simple idea but unique in its own way.

I just love how all of these turned out. I can’t wait to finish wrapping more Christmas presents and using these ideas to do all sorts of designs. You could even use the same techniques throughout the whole year and just change the colors to coordinate with whatever the celebration is for.

Now let’s face it. Sometimes we have something that is just an odd shape or need to throw it in a gift bag instead of wrapping it. If you like these ideas and want to use a gift bag instead, it would still work perfectly. The great thing too is that you can find plain tan gift bags that are similar to the kraft paper or even plain red and green bags.

Enjoy your Christmas shopping and even more now your gift wrapping!

Be sure to also check out all of my other fun Christmas ideas in a fun 12 Days of Christmas series.

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