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Christmas Movie Night Party Ideas

Christmas Movie Night Party Ideas

Christmas Movie Night Party Ideas

Super cute ideas! Thanks for sharing!

I’ll use these ideas all December!

Do you have a must watch movie list?

The ones listed on the movie trivia answers are our favorites! That and a good cheesy one like 12 Dates of Christmas.

Such cute ideas! I’m going to use the reindeer snack cup idea for my son’s school party…I signed up at the beginning of the year to bring a sweet treat but the teacher wants healthy treats (no cupcakes…i still don’t understand why she even put sweet treats on the list if she really didn’t want sweets…oh well) Anyway, I figure this popcorn would be cute and sweet and perhaps still pass off as a healthy treat. LOL

Oh, and we’re definitely having a holiday movie night (or two) this year. Thanks for the great ideas! :)

Perfect! That will be a great school snack!

Love the bingo idea! Thanks!

Before I read your post, I was already thinking of throwing a BINGO game on Christmas night. And to my surprise, your post gives me a better idea! Christmas Movie Bingo sounds pretty cool! And it’s like hitting two birds in one stone. I’m gonna use this on Christmas Eve!

Love hearing that!

How much popcorn do you use for the recipe ? I am going to make these or my Grand daughters xmas party also

It will take about 2 bags of microwave popcorn.

It’s that time of year that is full of traditions that kids will remember forever! One of my family’s very favorite things to do during the holiday season is to have a holiday movie night. We usually plan one at the beginning of December and then we have so much fun doing it, that we end up doing several more before the season ends. To make your holiday movie extra fun I have put together a bunch of great Christmas Movie Night Party Ideas!

Honestly, just writing this post is getting me so excited for the holiday season and a movie night party with my family! You could do a small party with just your kids or grandkids, or invite over a bunch of friends and make it extra special. Either way, here are some ideas to get you going!

Christmas Movie Night Party Ideas:

This party includes games, treats, cute favors and more great ideas and can work with any holiday movie you choose to watch! Pull it all together to make it look cute and fun when your guests arrive:

To pull this table spread together I used:

Red and Green Napkins

Party Favors

Christmas Candy

Reindeer Treat Cups

Santa Suit Drinks

Christmas Movie Night Bingo

Kids Christmas Movie Trivia

Candy Canes

Let’s break it down.

Christmas Movie Night Food:

Santa Suit Drinks:

Supplies Needed:

Black tape (I used electrical tape)

Silver glitter paper or foam

Hot glue gun/glue

Red drink


Wrap one piece of black electrical tape around your cup. Cut a square from your silver glitter foam or paper. Cut out the center as well to make it look like a belt buckle. Glue this in place. Fill our cup with red drink and you are all set! Santa suit drinks for everyone.

Reindeer Treat Cups:

Love how these cute little guys add a touch of fun to the party! And they are so easy to make!

Supplies Needed:

Brown Pipe Cleaner

Red pom poms

Googley Eyes

Hot Glue Gun/Glue

Popcorn to put in them (see recipe below)


Cut a piece of pipe cleaner in half. Twist it around a little to make it look like an antler. Cut two more small pieces and twist them on to make a three pronged antler horn. Hot glue pipe cleaner to the inside of the cup. Hot glue eyes and pom pop for the nose. Fill with chocolate popcorn!

Chocolate Reese’s Popcorn Recipe:



1/2 C Karo syrup

1/4 C cocoa

2 sticks of butter

1 tsp vanilla

1 bag miniature wrapped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, chopped


Pop the popcorn and pour it into a very large bowl. If you need to, split it between 2 bowls.

Combine karo, sugar, cocoa, butter and vanilla in a saucepan and heat until they boil, stirring constantly. Boil for 90 seconds and then remove from the heat.

Now, work fast. Pour the chocolate mixture over your popcorn. Using a wooden spoon, stir it quickly to coat all of the popcorn. Once it has cooled a little bit add your Reese’s to the popcorn.

And then try not to eat the whole bowl.

Elf and Santa Suit Cupcakes:



Red/Green Frosting (I just got store bought frosting and food coloring)

Black food coloring gel

Silver glitter foam


Frost your cupcakes in red or green. I like to do this by warming the frosting for about 10 seconds and then dipping the cupcakes in. Allow it to dry. Pipe on a black belt. Cut your glitter foam into squares and then cut out the center to create belt buckles. Stick this on to the frosting and you’ve got a cute and simple holiday cupcake! I served them on a pretty Chinet® Cut Crystal® plate with a red and green napkin under them and it was perfect.

Christmas Movie Night Games:

Christmas Movie Bingo:

This will make your party a lot of fun! Print these cute Christmas Movie Bingo boards.

Here is a PDF file with the boards:

There are 10 boards available.

Once your boards are printed, watch your movie and watch for the little symbols on the board. When you see one, put a marker on it. When you get 5 in a row you get Bingo!

Christmas Movie Trivia:

This is a fun game for before the movie. While you sit at the table and eat treats you can ask the kids to answer these questions!

Here is a PDF of the trivia questions:

And here are the answers:

Christmas Movie Night Printable Labels:

Here are some fun labels you can use for party favors:

Or you can put them on some Chinet® Cut Crystal® cups and put the labels on them and fill them with candies to make it look cute.

Right click and save, then open them on your computer and print. If you want to add text from your computer, here is a tutorial on a simple way to do to it.

EVITE has a bunch of other fun ideas for holiday movie night party planning! Grab some more fun ideas today!

Original article and pictures take http://crazylittleprojects.com/2015/11/christmas-movie-night-party-ideas.html site

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