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Christmas Revealed!

Christmas Revealed!

Christmas Revealed!

After 4 weeks of shopping, prepping, hanging and fluffing, I think my house is officially ready for Christmas! Below are some photos, some shot at night to capture the nice glow of the Christmas lights! I've also included all of the Christmas tree decor tips, throughout. I hope you enjoy. Let me know what you think! (CLICK HERE TO SEE MY 2015 CHRISTMAS TRANSFORMATION)

Hi Jonathan...

Found you on Pinterest and was so happy to come across your blog.

I have been looking for a,different them this year which I could incorporate using my hand blown German ornaments.

Ladt year we did red silver and,white with all new things,as it was my daughters last Christmas,as home for awhile. She is now in the Marine Corps and will be spending this,Christmas in Japan.

So I want to do something different but utilize my German ornaments. I want a little of the rustic look with it and you have helped me focus on exactly what to pull together. My ornaments are mostly dark red and dark green with gold and silver. So that will be the color palette.

My home is done in the French country similar to what I see in yours so I can visualize now just how it will come together.

Thank you for reading this impossibly long letter of a comment but I giess I was already dreading Christmas without my daughter so you have helped me get inpired,again! With that I'm having a Christmas Open House and making Christmas boxes filled with goodies I make myself as gifts for my guests. The boxes,will match the decor and can be used by my guests in their own homes. I am a professional chef trained in France so I'm hoping I do right by the goodies!

Original article and pictures take http://stiersaesthetic.com/blog/2013/11/30/christmas-reveal site

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