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Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Christmas Tree Cupcakes

These Christmas tree cupcakes are just full of holiday cheer. One of the biggest hints I can give you when you are making these cupcakes just have a large star piping tip. The smaller the tip the harder it is to pipe it out. If you do not pastry bag you can pick them up at your local craft store or even at the dollar tree. Learn how to do the perfect cupcake swirl before making these Christmas Tree cupcakes, it is easy I promise! For the cupcakes, you will want to use this perfect cake recipe, trust me its the best one ever!! And we can not forget the frosting, homemade butter cream just like a bakery is needed for these beautiful Christmas tree cupcakes.

Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Christmas tree cupcakes Ingredients


Vanilla buttercream frosting

Green food coloring

Mini M&Ms

Star Sprinkles

Christmas Tree Cupcakes Directions

Color your buttercream icing Christmas tree green.

Place your large star tip in your pastry bag with the green icing.

Swirl your frosting onto your cupcake in a Christmas tree shape.

Place your M&M’s all over the cupcake as if they are going to be Christmas lights.

Top of the cupcake with one star on the top.

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