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cotton sack nashville

cotton sack nashville

cotton sack nashville

You make it look easy, but I’m afraid to try a big job like that. Very cute!

Thanks, Carlene! It is easy, it just takes a lot of patience. The slower you go, the better it looks. Try it on a small piece, even a scrap of wood to start – that’s what I did!

You’re amazing, can I just say it again, you are amazing. Your table is an absolute keeper, love the connection to your grandpa (my grandpa was a tobacco sharecropper). Just fabulous, your whole room is awesome. Mary

Thank you! Don’t ya just love those farmin’ grandpas? Mine was strong as nails but sweet as molasses. I miss him so much!

Gina, that is possibly the most awesome little round table I have ever seen, now! I love anything farm-ish themed anyway, but your execution of this is beautiful. It’s adorable with the sides down as well.

Thanks, Laura! I struggled with finding just the right image, so that it could be that way. Most days the sides are down – and it’s at the end of your line of sight when you walk into our house.

Wow, very detailed oriented work, but I just love the finished result. Those chairs look great with the table.

Patience paid off. By the way, both my Granddad and my dad were tobacco farmers. My grandpa dies at 98 yrs old and my dad still goes like a 40 yr old man at 80.

There’s just something about farmers that I just adore. Maybe because my family is full of them… I’m just sayin’

Thanks so much for your sweet comment!

Gosh! a barn door on the wall! the table is awesome as well love that you shared this. xx

Thanks, Dawn! The barn door was a freebie from a friend – don’t ya just love those

Wow, this is an amazing table makeover. I love it to pieces.

Thanks, Libby!


LOVE your table!Great transformation!



Aww… thanks, Anne! So glad you love it!

Love the idea of a design of printed letters on a breakfast table. Digging deeper to find just the right graphic or letters definitely paid off, it looks fantastic and gives it a personal feel to the whole look! Amazing job!

Thank you so much! It took almost as long to find my direction as it did to paint it – but yes, it was well worth the time spent!

This is just fantastic and I love this table!

Thank you, Blossom!

This is fabulous, I love it! I think I need one;)

Yes, you do!

Love It!!

Thanks, Lisa!

Wow! This is just off the charts awesome! How freakin creative! I love it! Now I’ve gotta go out and find a table to do this to!

I would love it if you would check out my new blog!


<3 Bethany

Absolutely perfect, Gina! Love it! How did you get the ink to transfer through? Is it special paper? I have an end table I’m going to transfer words onto, so I’d love to know. Thanks!

Thank you for asking! I was wondering this, too!

Ah! I forgot to share that step! I used carbon paper, ya know… the old school stuff. Works every time!

The whole room is so special, it has a special old charm, I love everything!

Thanks, Jagoda! That’s exactly what I was going for.

Wow, it’s perfect!! Love the way it turned out.

I keep looking for a new table for my tiny breakfast nook, right now I’m using an old drop leaf table. I had pretty much talked myself into taking the tablecloth off and painting it…and after seeing this post I am definitely going to! Some people will hate me for it (an antique Duncan Phyfe table) but it has bad water-marks & stains.

Thanks for the inspiration Gina!


Love that table!! Carrie wants to know how you got the words on the table…. I think we all want to know that!!!

Keep your eyes peeled for a tutorial coming soon!

Great job. I have a drop leaf table. Now, I know how to paint it. I have thought of painting but not lettering on top. Too cute.

Thanks, Sylvia! It makes a big impact, no?

What a beautifully creative idea, Gina – with so much meaning! I love it!

xoxo laurie

Thank you, Laurie! ♥

Fabulous! What a great job, and a beautiful home!

Thank you, Marilyn!

Gina- You did such a great job on this. I have a pair of matched drop leaf side tables. This would be cute on those, wouldn’t it? xo Diana

I think it would look gorgeous, dahling!


This is GORGEOUS! I have wanted a drop leaf table like this forever and I can’t ever find one that I can afford. I am so happy for you that you not only fund this, but also that you were able to refinish it in such a beautiful and meaningful way. Your breakfast area is simply stunning.

Thanks, Maureen! Furniture finds are kinda iffy in my area – but every now and then you hit the jackpot!

Hi. Gina. I live in Donelson. Love the table and especially the Nashville connection!!! Fabulous!!

High five to the Nashville chicks!

This is so cute….love it. Your work is amazing.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

Hello Gina, You won’t believe this but I have almost the same table waiting for me in AZ {another great thrift store find}. I’ve had it for a few months and haven’t been motivated to paint her yet. You’ve given me the inspiration I needed! Thanks so much. You rocked your table and I love the star and barn door too.

Go forth, and rock your table, too!

wow that looks just so fantastic…you are one clever girl…

Thanks, Sherrie!

I love it, you’ve created an heirloom

Yeah… I guess I kinda did! I didn’t really think of it like that! Thanks so much!

How adorable! I love your blog for all your wise tips you give us! Traci

Thanks, Traci! So glad you love it ♥

Gina, you totally ROCKED this one! LOVE it!!!!! Thanx for sharing, Shelly

Well thank you, thank you very much (with my best Elvis snarl) – teehee!

I love this transformation. Thanks for the inspiration!

Awesome and pinned!


I love how you chose something personal for your table… fantastic job!

ok Gina I want that star barn door! I hope you get tired of it and it ends up at the store. Hint..hint

A gal after my own heart! I do the same type of sign stencils and finally got brave recently and did a couple of small furniture pieces. Ready to tackle a round table today and was perusing Pinterest for ideas. LOVE yours! The drop down leaf is perfect!! Wishing I had a little spot like that to try this….maybe in my future potting shed. Wonderful look and background story, hope you’re still enjoying it.

Hardison Seed Company was my grandfather and great grandfather’s business! I am glad you are finding good use for the seed sack image. Mark Hardison, Nashville, TN

Beautiful! I’m new to your page so maybe I missed more details, but how do you get the letters to transfer?? Is there special paper that transfers onto the wood?

And do you have to print the original letters off a special printer to begin with?

Thanks Linda

I have been following you for a while. Didn’t know you were from south Nashville, I did as well. I use to go to Ernest Hardison’s seed store when I was a kid. Thought you would find it interesting that it was located to what now is the ACME Building on 1st and Broad. Haven’t been there myself, but heard that a really nice venue.

You did a great job on the table!!

I have that EXACT table in my lake house painted Aqua. It’s a great little table.

Your table and home are so charming. I really like how your table turned out. Just perfect under that barn door and star. Ok,, more explanation for a DYI dummy here. Can you share a bit more detail about the carbon step? If you lay the carbon paper, carbon side down on the table wouldn’t it mess up the white paint? Ikes, this is why I don’t do too many crafty projects. I would love to try this project after you clue me in. Thanks so much.

A few months ago, I found some great chairs in Atlanta. I knew that was the beginning of a new breakfast area…. I just had to be patient enough to wait for the perfect table. This week, I found the perfect table – well it was almost perfect. All it needed was a little paint to make it the perfect addition to our home.

Since I’ve tried about 8 different style tables in this breakfast area in the past, I knew that it was going to be hard to find a good option. I’ve tried square, round, oval, large, small, rectangle, pretty much anything that I could find that I thought would fit, I lugged it home and gave it a whirl. I was wrong every ding dang time. The tiny little 8 ft. square spot has 3 different doors or halls that leads right through it, so it had to be a table that wouldn’t take up too much room. When I found this drop leaf table at Goodwill for a mere $15, it was a light bulb moment. for 9 years I’ve been looking for the best solution, and I never even thought of it. So I scooped it up and brought it home.

cotton sack nashville

I also knew that I wanted a painted table, but it took me quite a while to figure out what to put on it. I wanted something with meaning. I thought about a clock face, or a crate style sign, but something kept telling me to dig a little deeper. Then I found this image of an old cotton seed sack from a gin in Nashville (hellooo… south of Nashville girl, here!). Eureka! Since my granddaddy was a share cropper that grew cotton, I thought it would be the perfect way to add a little family history to my own farmhouse style home.

typography table via The Shabby Creek Cottage

Even though the graphic wasn’t round, I took the information and found a similar font and printed out the words that I wanted to use from it. I didn’t even change the name of the company or the street address.

painted transfer table via The Shabby Creek Cottage

I cut apart each letter, then taped them onto the top of the table, one by one.

typography table layout via The Shabby Creek Cottage

I used clear wrapping tape to piece them to each other, then used painters tape to randomly tack the whole strip of letters to the table top. I also used painters tape to keep the line detail in the middle of the original logo.

carbon paper transfer method via The Shabby Creek Cottage

Using bamboo skewers, I traced the outlines of each letter. I used a new skewer for almost every word, so that my tip stayed sharp & fresh.

A ruler comes in handy to keep the straight lines straight (and it goes much faster than free hand, too!)

carbon paper transfer via The Shabby Creek Cottage

I carefully checked each section before moving on to the next, just to make sure that each letter was completely traced out.

fixing carbon paper mistakes via The Shabby Creek Cottage

Every now and then, I’d get off just a little. No worries, though, just a dab of rubbing alcohol on a q-tip will erase the mistakes. Don’t rub too long or you’ll mess up the paint, though.

painted table via The Shabby Creek Cottage

Then I filled in each of the letters, just like I do painting my signs or any other decorative painting.

cotton sack table via The Shabby Creek Cottage

It took me a total of about 5 hours of hands on work between painting, lettering, distressing and glazing the table, but now I have a one of a kind piece that gives a nod to my family’s history.

Between the cotton seed sack table, the barn star, and even a real old barn door on my wall, I’d say that’s a wrap on my breakfast area.

Original article and pictures take http://www.theshabbycreekcottage.com/2012/09/cotton-sack-table-transformation.html site

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