четверг, 30 апреля 2015 г.

deck the halls....

deck the halls....

deck the halls....

I adore the greenery and wreath in the first photo- it is so wonderfully classic. And the tree in the bottom photo seems so sweet for kids- you can just imagine them enjoying making paper ornaments and garland for the tree (OK, I would enjoy making them too!)

Love your blog!

beautiful photos!

Love that first exterior photo! Thanks for the inspiration!

How fabulous is that door! Love the simple greenery used for decorating it too! Tracey x


okay, so i am getting there with my christmas cheer....played christmas music for tay while she ate her breakfast, then went shopping and was really digging it...now i am kind of ready to get into my attic and start pulling stuff down...if i can only convince my husband that we should start decorating this week...

Original article and pictures take http://pinkwallpaper.blogspot.com/2008/12/deck-halls.html site

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