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DIY cinnamon vanilla candles

DIY cinnamon vanilla candles

DIY cinnamon vanilla candles

I'm not great with DIY but this looks too good to pass up! I love the ideal of vanilla and cinnamon scent together. I'm going to give this a try soon :)

Hanh x | hanhabelle

Oh you must! It's so easy and it will make your home smell sooo good too! :)



What a great idea! You can always change the bow to make them festive for any time of year! (Maybe even add a few sprigs of pine!)

Oh that's genius, I love those ideas! Thanks Cherri!

what a great idea!!! this is perfect little christmas gift for my coworkers. about how many cinnamon sticks did you use per candle? i'm going to be making 4 and want to have enough supplies.

thanks for the great idea!


The rubber band is an unexpected yet lifesaving item in this DIY. Good call on it.


Dana (www.vieamonavis.com)

It certainly is! Thanks Dana!

I absolutely love the smell of cinnamon, it's one of my most favourite things to sprinkle on top of pastries; it is such a heavenly scent and goes so well with vanilla!

It's one of my fave scents too! Thanks for stopping by!

These are so adorable - I love it and want to try it.

Thanks Diatta, you definitely should! They're super easy to make :)



I loveeee the smell of cinnamon! I am totally guilty of using way too much of it in all my cooking haha! This is such a great idea, and I love the neutral colours of the candle and cinnamon so they will watch with any decor! Great post :)


Thanks Robyn! Cinnamon is one of my fave scents too!



Those candles looks amazing , love cinnamon smell :)

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Thanks for stopping by Candice! Let's stay in touch. I'm following you on bloglovin'!



this is nice!!! perfect for the holiday season!!

Animated Confessions

Thanks dear!

I love the scent of cinnamon! These candles sound amazing!



Thanks Caroline! Cinnamon is one of my fave scents too!



It’s not fall without the smell of cinnamon and spice in the air. This season, bring the natural beauty of the season into your home with this easy DIY cinnamon vanilla candle. This candle will not only smell great, but it makes a beautiful decorative piece for your home. As the vanilla candle warms up the cinnamon sticks, your room will be filled with the fall scent of vanilla and spices.

For all step by step details on how to make this DIY cinnamon candle,

head on over to SheKnows.com to check out my full tutorial!

What’s your favorite way to have a great smelling home?

Let me know in the comments below!

Original article and pictures take http://yesmissy.com/diy-cinnamon-vanilla-candles/ site

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