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DIY Master Closet Makeover

DIY Master Closet Makeover

DIY Master Closet Makeover

It looks great! I always love black walls in small spaces like that!

It looks SO good!!! The black walls are so classy!

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We’ve really been trying to knock out projects lately. We’re kicking the DIY and Decor weekends into overdrive, which is both exciting and exhausting. We currently have a small bathroom in the middle of the demo phase and I can’t wait to start working on that more. But for now, I felt the need to turn some of my attention towards our master closet and bathroom. Our poor closet was seriously neglected and cluttered. Basically, it was a hot mess.

This space had not been touched since we moved into our house 4 years ago. We generally do not have a lot of storage space in our 1950’s two story house. We have an attic with a tiny access hole, no basement and no garage. With all of that we have to make the most of all of our spaces. This closet was holding not only mine and Joel’s clothes, shoes, ties, belts, etc. but also keepsakes from college days and things from the kiddos through the years. We decided to make it a space dedicated to only our clothes. We’ll figure out the rest of the storage issue next week. Stay tuned!

We really needed a more efficient space so I decided to head to Lowe’s and I picked out the Rubbermaid® HomeFree Series™ Closet Kit. This kit is kind of all that and a bag of chips (what, no one still says that?) These kits require ZERO cutting and are fairly easy to install. They’re expandable and customizable which makes them perfect for both reach-in closets and walk-in closets. Our closet is only slightly more than a reach in. It’s about 3 feet deep and little under 6 feet wide.

The handy Rubbermaid® Storage Planner makes quick work of planning your closet. It really helps you visualize your space. You set your measurements then starting adding in your accessories. I went with a Rubbermaid® HomeFree Series™ White Wood 2-Drawer Unit, a shoe organizer kit and a wire basket drawer.

Since our house was built in the early 1950’s I believe this closet was an addition to the room later on. There’s a window in it and I can’t imagine why other than it was built out at some point my previous owners. With the window in the way this posed a couple of obstacles. Fortunately, Rubbermaid HomeFree‘s interactive tool for designing your closet really helps you visualize your plan. I used that to basically design two different closets, one for to the right of my window and one for the left of the window.

Before I started installing the closet kit I decided this closet was due for a dramatic paint job. I chose my old black standby, Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black, which is also in my dining room. I love black and white, as you all know already but wow, I just LOVE how this turned out in this little space. You’ll see more of it later this week, I promise A fresh coat of semi-gloss white on the trim and we were ready to roll with the closet kit installation.

Here’s how the closet looks now!

These closet systems are SO EASY to install.

First, there’s a horizontal top rail that you attach to your wall. Then these (picture below) “upright” rails that you hang from your top rail and screw in vertically. Every piece of hardware you need is included in the kit. I have oddly spaced studs but I was able to use the drywall anchors provided to make sure my racks and shelves could hold a lot of weight.

Once the horizontal bar and vertical uprights are in place all of the other pieces/accessories just snap in place. Each shelf has a locking mechanism (picture below) that holds them in place. Wicked simple wish is the beauty of these systems.

After I had all of my shelves and rods where I wanted them I turned my attention to the shoe shelves, 2 drawer shelf and wire basket. The shoe shelf and wire basket basically hook into your uprights the same exact way the regular shelves do. The two-drawer shelf was a little more complicated.

It took me about 1 hour to put the drawers together by myself. The directions were a little difficult to navigate but OH SO WORTH IT! The drawers are my favorite part of the whole closet!!

*Side note: It’s REALLY hard to take good pictures in a tiny closet that’s painted black. Even though there is a window it doesn’t get a ton of light because it’s on the back side of our house with lots of tree cover.

All in all, I LOVE our new closet and I think it’s going to work for us, which is how it should be. Does this make you want to add a closet system in your home? It is so simple and will change your life. Dramatic? Maybe. But being organized makes life so much easier in my opinion!

Original article and pictures take http://houseologie.com/diy-master-closet-makeover/ site

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