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Fall Candy Corn Jars

Fall Candy Corn Jars

Fall Candy Corn Jars

These are just too adorable and I plan to try to make them with some friends in a couple of weeks. I was wondering where you could suggest to find the candle sticks and the wooden knobs? I went to my local Michael’s and JoAnn’s today and neither place had this. Thanks for the step by step directions!Reply

The candlesticks and knobs I used were purchased at AC Moore. My local Michaels store stocks the candlesticks, as well. They are in the wood section. The knobs are sold in small bags, and there were a few different options. You can really be creative with what you use for the knobs if you can find the ones I used. If you dont have an AC Moore nearby and your Michaels doesn’t stock them, you can probably find something online. This website looks like it has some options: http://shop.hobbylobby.com/products/wood-candlestick-with-brass-grommet-649533/ Good luck on your search! Let me know how you make out. Thanks for checking out the site!Reply

I am making them right now………WARNING. do not paint them first. The glue gun does not hold them tight enough they just come lose right away. I have stopped my project on these until I go to Home Depot and get supper glue. The glass on the pottery won’t hold.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but that has been my experience. I also, silly me, painted them first , LOLOL, then when I used the glue gun, the paint came off and the piece won’t stick. I tried it again with out the paint on, but needless to say painted or not the GLUE GUN WON’T HOLD THEM ON TIGHT.Reply

I am trying to make these and found most of the stuff at local Hobby Lobby. However could you tell me what size the terra pots were you used? I have tried several different ones and either they are too big or too small. ThanksReply

Hi Sherri. Thanks for stopping by the site! The terra cotta saucers I used have a 4-1/2 inch diameter at the top and then taper down to a 3-3/4 inch diameter at the bottom, which allows them to sit snugly in the glass jars, which have a 4 inch opening. I purchased mine at AC Moore. Hope that helps! Good luck!Reply

Thank you and yes that helps a lot. I can’t wait to make them.

I have seen many of these online, but yours are really pretty! Thanks for the idea to use terra cotta saucers- would not have thought of that!Reply

Super cute! I find that hot glue doesn’t make a good bond long term. It’s great for a single holiday use, but for something that lasts longer (through getting bumped or tipped over, etc) I’ve assembled them with a stronger glue like Gorilla Glue or two-part bonder. Rustoleum makes a rubbed bronze spray paint that is a great neutral finish.Reply

LOL, Oh My, I totally am having the same experience. I had to stop my project until I get a better bonding material. Your post is timed Perfect…….thanks , I thought that it was just me……….LOLOLOLOOff to Home depot for the “Gorilla Glue” !Reply

So stinkin’ cute!Reply

I found this link on Pinterest and just wanted to say thank you for sharing such a cute project. I made them and they actually turned out. Maybe not as cute as yours, but I still love them. Thanks!Reply

Made them, and I love them. I goofed and glued the glass down. Oh, well, Love them anyway.Reply

I thought you were suppose too. Oh my, this is my third post on this site……I’m now laughing at my self silly. Thanks for the heads up. Maybe I’ll finish this for Christmas and put in candy canes. LOLOLOL I’m having fun any ways.Reply

I like to try to keep it original as possible on this blog. But I’ve gotta tell you…there are very few original ideas these days. [I blame the Internet.] I have seen a few different renditions of these candy jars—in so many places that I’m not even sure where to give credit–but I really wanted to make them my own. And if I’m going to make them, I might as well blog about them. I’ve been on a kick of using candlestick to create things recently, and I love how pretty and elegant the candlesticks make these jars look.

I stick with a basic black/brown color to match the furniture in my apartment and left them neutral enough that I can use them throughout the year. I plan on swapping out the bows and candy to match whatever season it currently is. I’m also toying with the idea of filling one with sugar packets and one with stirrers to put next to my coffee maker once I get fat from all of the candy. See? These jars are versatile enough to take you from one addiction to the next.

These could not be simpler to make. I think they literally took me about 20 minutes of hands on time, and then a little time to dry. They’d also be a great gift—especially if you fill them with homemade candy or cookies. Hmm…we may see that on the blog in the future.

Happy crafting!

The Supplies

6 terra cotta saucers ($.75/each)

2 glass vases ($1/each)

1 short wooden candlestick ($3)

1 taller wooden candlestick ($4)

2 wooden knobs ($.50/each)

Acrylic Paint (I used black/brown)

Hot glue and glue gun

Fall Ribbon

Tip: You can peruse the craft store for pieces that work well together. Below is a photo of how I wanted to build mine, but you can be creative.

The Directions

Add jars to top. I don’t glue them down, because I wanted to be able to clean them easily. Tie a bow around them and fill with your favorite candy. Could it be any easier???

Original article and pictures take https://paintthetownpretty.wordpress.com/2012/09/23/fall-candy-corn-jars/ site

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