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Fireman Preschool Printables

Fireman Preschool Printables

Fireman Preschool Printables

Who has kids that are ready to learn about firefighters and those heros that keep us safe on a daily basis? The fireman costume is always an adorable choice at this time of the year as well. My son still talks about the fire trucks that came to our homeschool co-op, because he was able to sit inside at the wheel and learn about how the trucks worked. These preschool printables will bring that hero theme into their learning environment and it’s always nice to change things up for your kids, it makes learning more fun.

Fireman Preschool Printables Supplies





Dot markers or bingo dabbers

There are 4 pages of vocabulary cards, 1 addition, 1 subtraction, 1 patterning, 3 dot coloring pages, and 2 writing pages.

These are some fun fireman toys your little person may enjoy. We have a fire truck that squirts water that the kids always fight over.

Download the Fireman Preschool Printables (12 pages) here:

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