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Free Thanksgiving Advent {Blessing Countdown}

Free Thanksgiving Advent {Blessing Countdown}

Free Thanksgiving Advent {Blessing Countdown}

That’s a real y gratis idea!! Thanks for sharing

Thanks, Gladys! ♥

This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!

What did you mount the envelopes on- and how?

I know you said you could use poster putty (on FB tutorial) but this wooden board is so cute!

Hi Paige! I am so glad you can use this! The wooden board is just a prop that I use for blog photos :). And I just used good old sticky tack. I think double-sided tape would work great too, but I recommend the poster tack (or sticky tack) because it allows you to re-use the envelopes every year as well. Hope this helps! ♥

I am so excited to share this Thanksgiving advent with you! I have been working on these printables for days, with the hope that they will help bless you and your family with a tradition of gratitude and contentment this Thanksgiving season.

Two of my girls have December birthdays. Combine that with Christmas, and my girls think a lot about presents during the holiday season. I have been using a similar advent calendar in our home for the past several years, and it has really helped us focus on gratitude, generosity, and the goodness in our lives, rather than just the upcoming gifts. I wanted to make a fresh, new advent to share with you because this tradition has greatly blessed our family. It helps us focus on our blessings every day in November, not just on Thanksgiving day.

So here’s how it works. Every night in November, we gather together and list at least one thing that we are grateful for, but we can’t list the same thing twice. Every day we find a new blessing to be thankful for.

Of course you don’t have to do it exactly like we do. You can use these printables however works best for you and your family. Maybe instead of listing blessings, you will want to write in quotes or scriptures. I left the inside tags blank, so you can use them however you need or want.

One of the best things about these printables is that you make the envelopes once, and then you can re-use them every year in November! I love that. Once the envelopes are made, it just a matter of re-printing the tags every year, and that is easy-peazy. And at the end of November, you can save the written-on tags as a reminder of the important blessings that year. I have similiar tags from 3 years ago, and I love reading what my kids valued then as compared to today.

You don’t need a lot to make this Thanksgiving advent. I thought I would show you what I used, and you can modify it according to what you have.

Supply List: (The following links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase using one of these links, I may earn a commission at no cost to you. Thank you! I am so thankful for your support! )

Printer (or you could email the jpegs to an office supply store, such as Office Depot, and have them print them for you).

Scissors-to cut out the envelopes and tags.

Glue or adhesive-to put together the envelopes (I use and love this Elmer’s tape runner).

Poster tack or double-sided tape-to adhere the envelopes to the wall.

Optional: Scoring board-I LOVE my Martha Stewart Scoring Board ! It makes the folded edges so sharp and professional looking. (You can also use a ruler and the back of a butter knife to make a scored line. Line the ruler along the flap and slide the back of the butter knife along the ruler, to get a scored line. It doesn’t make the scored line as deep as the scoring board, but it works in a pinch!)

Optional: Bone Folder (I use this to make the scored lines, using the scoring board as my guide; it works amazingly well.)

Optional: Hole Punch-for tying ribbon on the tags (I love my small hole punch; it is probably my most used crafting tool!)

Optional: Ribbon-for cuteness on the tags.

When you download the printables, you will get all 30 envelopes, plus two pages of tags (there are a total of 6 tags). You can print as many copies of the tag pages as you need or want. You can mix and match them however you want! Don’t you just love options?!

You can also click HERE to watch me talk about this advent calendar on Facebook and explain how to make them.

Don’t forget to check out these other great Thanksgiving printables and recipes:

I would be honored and very grateful if you would pin the image below so your friends and family could also find my Thanksgiving advent! ♥

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