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How to Arrange Grocery Store Flowers

How to Arrange Grocery Store Flowers

How to Arrange Grocery Store Flowers

Great tips!! It always makes me sad when I see flowers just dumped in a vase. Taking five minutes to arrange them properly takes them to a whole new level.

Melissa, thank you for giving us this tip. I love fresh flowers but very seldom bought because I never took the time to learn how to arrange flowers in a vase. I’m buying fresh flowers in the morning!!

I used to work for a flower distributor and handled store displays. When we had Asiatic lilies ( like the ones shown above), a trick for keeping them looking nice was to remove the anthers ( parts that get all orange and get pollen EVERYWHERE) as soon as possible to avoid orange pollen all over your beautiful lilies. Hope this tip helps

That is the best tips ever- I just cut them off my bouquet in the kitchen-thank you!!!

Nothing like fresh flowers! I’ll try the 1 1/2 height trick, usually I stagger the height which means they really only look good from one direction.

I mostly buy flowers from Sam’s Club. Our store only sells flowers grown in the US and they have a 7 day guarantee. Mine always last much longer, they can’t fit in the refrigerator but during the winter I move them to the garage at night.

Thanks for the post.

Great tips!! I never would have thought to use tape to make a grid so they stay in place! So smart!!

How do you choose your vase? I feel like all the vases I have are small and I have to cut my flowers a lot to get them to fit and I still don’t seem to do it properly. I really liked this blog and pinned it on pinterest.

Wow. The grid worked like a charm. I wish I had known this long ago. I am a piano teacher and I always get flowers at the end of the year recital. I’ve been teaching for 40 years and I finally know the secret of the grid. Thanks so much. I guess I should have looked this up years ago.

I’m so glad it helped-I remember when I first saw it done too and how I was so surprised what a difference that one thing made in the final product!

Great tips! I’ll have to buy some floral tape. My favorite flowers for the summer are peonies. I can’t wait for the fall, I always go for sunflowers and deep red roses!

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My mother always had fresh flowers in the house when I was growing up and as long as I can remember I have tried to have the same in my home. It wasn’t always easy in lean times to indulge in something like flower arrangements so I learned to get creative on a budget. Rather than splurging on expensive arrangements from the florist I’ve learned to make the best out of budget flowers and thought I’d share a few tips and tricks for how to arrange grocery store flowers with you today!

The biggest tip I can give is to visit multiple grocery stores to see which in your area has the best flowers and the best prices. The cheapest bouquet isn’t always going to be your best bet-a puny bouquet that dies within days doesn’t save you money in the long run over a slightly more expensive bouquet that lasts longer because it’s more fresh and has been cared for.

In my experience stores like boutique groceries like Fresh Market and Whole Foods carry beautiful flowers that last a long time. My personal favorite place to buy my flowers though is Trader Joe’s-they carry bouquets and bunches of stems at very reasonable prices. I hopped in there over the weekend and picked up 2 mixed bouquets for just under $20 total.

This is what one bouquet looked like when I simply unwrapped it and put it in the vase….not quite the look we’re going for right? Don’t worry-I’m going to show you how to make it look much better using just one of the bouquets, then how it looks even better when you add the second bouquet.

We’re going to need our flowers of course, scissors or clippers, tape, and a vase with an opening wider at the top.

Fill your vase halfway with water and then use the tape to create a tic-tac-toe type grid across the mouth of your vase-this helps our flowers stay where we want them! Separate your bouquet out in front of your work area-most bouquets come with greenery, a focal or larger flower, and a filler flower-usually something with small clusters of buds.

Begin with your greenery-clip it to 1.5 times the height of the vase and trim any leaves that will be below the water line.

Add four stems of greenery to the outer four corners of the grid angling them outward from the vase.

Now we’re going to add in the focal or largest of the flowers. Again we’re going to trim the stems to 1.5 times the height of the vase and remove any leaves that would be under the water. Add one focal flower to the center square of the grid-pointing straight up to the ceiling. Then fill in the remaing grid spaces (the center of each side) with focal flowers leaning outward from the vase.

Finally, trim and the filler flowers and use them to fill in any empty areas of the bouquet-much better right? But if we double the flowers it’s even more gorgeous-I always prefer to have very full arrangements when possible.

Isn’t it lovely?

To keep your arrangement fresh as long as possible change the water daily, remove wilting flowers immediately, and keep out of direct sunlight. (If you have room, refrigerating the arrangement at night will help it to last even longer!)

Do you keep fresh flowers in your home? What is your favorite source for cut flowers?

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