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How to Build a Money Saving Pantry

How to Build a Money Saving Pantry

How to Build a Money Saving Pantry

My pantry is full of this stuff, from canned foods to canned sauces and so on. I used to go to the store every weekend and pick up a few bags full of cans until I filled my pantry, just to make sure I have food on hand. I never bought powdered milk, but I suppose I can buy one just in case.

Powder milk is a MUST have in our kitchen, we do not even when wait for it to run out to buy a new one; we like “Nido” and “La Campiña”… Blend it with fruit to make delicious smoothies, black coffee to make a super foamy “café con leche” (coffee and milk) and almost with whatever you want. .. and sure it will taste graeat!!

I love dealing with my pantry, it makes for a really fun time sorting through stuff. I know that sounds lame, but I like to clean and keep stuff simple.

Well I am glad I am not the only one that thinks it is fun to sort and organize my pantry!!

I have a ton of spices and other things similar to it in my cupboard. I like having a ton just so I can spice up some food and try different things. It’s always fun experimenting with spices.

I love having popcorn on hand when I want that snack. Makes for a great snack during movie nights, game nights, or any night. Anyways, I’m going to try to build my pantry like this.

Thanks for the suggestions guys, much appreciated. My wife and I remodeled our kitchen recently and have this massive pantry we want to stack food in, and these tips will help me make sure there’s enough room for it all. Thanks!

Add dried fruit like raisins and cranberries . Must have good oatmeal , barley, quinoa, cornmeal and canned vegetables to your list and you multiply possibilities exponentially. You also need coconut oil and billion cubes in bèef ad chicken.

Love your ideas! I always have oatmeal, quinoa, nuts, raisins, oils, beef & chicken broth. Add to that peanut butter and almond butter, honey and maple syrup, and almond milk in an unopened carton. You can also freeze beaten eggs and many things, like homemade soup. One word of caution: potatoes do not freeze well. I’ve tried but when you defrost them, the texture is yukky. Sweet potatoes are good to cook and freeze. When I cook rice, make more than needed for one meal so you can freeze extra and have it ready quicker on a day when you don’t feel like cooking.

I buy large cuts of meat: turkey, ham ,pork roast, and individually bag the meat after cooking. Freeze it and pull it out as needed. Saves money as well as time.

How do you freeze beaten eggs? Sounds like a great idea.

Use an ice cube tray.

Great tips! I think you can learn to stock up seasonally. For instance right now is a great time to be stocking up on baking items. Chocolate chips freeze well!

In all my years off baking, 40+, I never thought to freeze chocolate chips. Wasted so much $$. Thank you so much.

I freeze nuts and packs of coconut as well.

What is the point of saving money if I’m killing myself and my family while I’m doing it??? Other than the dried beans and spices, the other suggestions are horrible! Yes you save money buying highly processed, canned food-imitation items, but they’re not food! And anything in cans is giving you a good dose of BPA, a chemical that you’ll pay dearly for with your health. There are ways to save money and still purchase whole, unprocessed, truly nutritious foods. And if there isn’t a way to do so in your hometown, it’s time to start asking your local government why.

You can buy tomatoes on sale at harvest time and do your own canning for healthy alternatives if cans aren’t good for you

Someone’s a little grumpy. Can your own food if you don’t like canned food. Noone is forcing you to do what the article says. Or freeze food. You can also get wild rice instead of regular rice.

You can find a lot of canned goods that have only two or three ingredients if you look. I think it’s great to use fresh but it’s also very important to have canned on hand for when you can’t get to the store! We live 30 minutes from a store. If there is any kind of emergency we are cut off. So an emergency food supply is very important.these suggestions are great! Keep up the great work

we have mostly what is on your list except for the cream of soups. No canned soups at our place due to Celiac but basically everything else we due. A couple of things I also stock up when they are on sale are cereals for the kids, peanut butter and Soy butter, as well as nuts.

Take it even further and look up how to make dry cream of soup mix

Haven’t seen sTockcub

Stockcubes ,cereal (also used instead of panko er breadcrumbes ) garlicpaste ,oliveoil and vedgetable oil ,sundried tomato’s ,also alway have dried yeast and wholeweat flour for bread, 00flower, mozzerella ,hamslices ,salami slices ,mushroomslices and capsicum in my freezer for easy made pizza,

Leftover bit of cheese i grate and store in my freezer ,always handy for burrito’s and such

I actually started making a dry “cream of something” mix that I keep in my pantry in a big jar. It has dehydrated milk in it, so it’s still creamy. But I mix it with water and microwave it so the cornstarch in it thickens, then I just add it to the recipe as usual. It costs me about $15 to make a big jar of it, but it is the equivalent of about 40 cans of cream of something soup.

Besides that, I love my dried beans. They look fabulous in old jars and I can just throw some in the crockpot on high overnight so in the morning I have beans ready to put in a dish or freeze. I find that one $1 bag of dried beans makes the same as 4 cans of beans from the store.

I keep all of these staples on hand. But I also keep lots of skillet sauces, oven sauces, and other sauces to add to different dishes.

Having a good pantry with staples in it is the foundation for meal planning and saving money. Plus, if you have stock on hand at all times, you know that you can make something from what you have even if you don’t have time to go back to the store that evening. You can also avoid paying for many of the items on this list unless they are on sale buy stocking up when they are on sale and keeping a running list. Here are some items you should always have in your pantry that are low cost, nutritious and can be made hundreds of ways!

How to Build a Money-Saving Pantry

You should have some canned good staples that are good for creating a multitude of meals. Here are some suggestions for them:

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“Cream Of” soups- Look for the ones that are low in sodium if you can. These soups lend themselves to all sorts of meals from casseroles, to crock-pot dinners and even as a great soup base for creating your own soups at home.

Beans- While this can be more costly in the long run, they are great for quick meals on the run such as chili, taco salad and so on. You can often stock up while they are on sale at less than 50 cents each.

Tomatoes- This includes tomato sauces and canned diced or stewed tomatoes. This makes a great base for casseroles, crock-pot dishes, vegetarian meals and even rice dishes.

Tuna or canned chicken- If you are out of meat in your fridge or freezer, canned chicken or tuna makes a great substitute for fresh meat especially if it will be baked into something.

Dry Goods are also a great thing to keep in your pantry for meals that can be thrown together. Here are some dry goods you should always have on hand:

Rice– Rice is hearty, filling and can be used in just about any dish or served on the side. It is also very cheap and a little bit makes a lot. Check out the international section of your favorite store for cheaper buys on this staple.

Pasta- All kinds of pasta from long spaghetti noodles to short corkscrews can be made into so many dishes and added to soups in a hurry.

Breadcrumbs or Panko- This is a staple I think everyone should have as it can be used for casserole toppings and breading meat for various dishes.

Dried Beans- These can take a while to make, but are incredibly low cost and filling. You can use beans to spread meat further in meals as well if you need to.

Powdered Milk- There is nothing worse than running out of milk and getting ready to bake or cook a meal. While powdered milk is not necessarily super low cost, a little bit of it goes a long way so pound for pound, it is cheaper than the liquid version.

Baking Mix- This can be used for low cost meals such as pancakes but can also be great to have on hand if you do any baking. You can even make your own to save even more money!

Popcorn- This is a low cost, easy to make snack and it’s great to have on hand.

In addition to the foods listed, every home pantry should contain seasonings and spices. If you have a good variety of the following seasonings and spices, you can kick up the flavor in any dish and spices, if bought in bulk, often cost pennies to keep on hand.

-Onion Powder

-Garlic Powder

-Chili Powder


-Curry Powder

-White Pepper


Buying many of these items in bulk is usually the cheapest way to go, so get some containers with lids to store them in. It not only looks nice, but keeps pests out!

What are some things that you keep in your pantry as a staple? Do you find that keeping this stock on hand helps you save money in the long run?

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