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How to Make a Gallery Wall Using Yard Sale Items

How to Make a Gallery Wall Using Yard Sale Items

How to Make a Gallery Wall Using Yard Sale Items

Love the wall…especially the turquoise frame with the G inside it. Looks amazing!! Great job!!

Thank you my friend!

Last week in the Decorating Challenge, we focused on gallery walls. Mine was all about the Eclectic Gallery Wall that I have in my basement around a vintage dresser that I turned into my TV console.

While writing that post, I realized that I never showed how I updated the gallery wall I have in my living room.

Here’s what it looked like before. Fine and dandy … just a bit on the sparse side.

This was shot around Valentine’s Day 2013 in case you were wondering about the heart pillows.

I got the center frame at a yard sale when it was an eggplant purple mirror.

I removed the mirror and threw a quick coat of Krylon Ocean Breeze spray paint on it to update it.

Here it is now!

Every single frame or mirror came from a yard sale. They all were under $5, except for the center frame that I had to pay $8 for.

I used spray paint on all of the frames except two that I kept as they were.

I’m guessing the entire project cost me less than $25.

The only thing Topher has ever requested in the decorating realm of things is that we have some family photos. This project was the perfect thing to make him happy.

Now that I have things situated, I need to go in and update some of the pictures since I just used what I had on hand.

I like that the space is more filled-in and balanced over that giant sofa.

Since I’m getting ready to repaint this room grey, I’m not sure if I will change things up again or leave them as-is, but for now I’m definitely more pleased with the space.

If you are trying to decorate your walls and are just starting out or don’t have a big budget to work with, remember that yard sales and thrift stores are your friends.

Think outside the box when looking at frames and mirrors. Just because they are lime green or some ugly floral print doesn’t mean they don’t have potential. A quick coat of spray paint, or taking out a mirror, or ugly stock print, and replacing the center with a picture or something quirky and fun can totally transform it.

Personally, I like gallery walls that are unusual or have a little spunk to them better than the same boring ones that everyone has.

Even before I go out yard saling, I try to shop my own home. I scour through the basement store room and things I have stacked in my own yard sale pile. I think twice about things and decide if I can repurpose a piece.

If you use your imagination and your creativity, you can totally transform what you already have!

If all else fails, throw two cute little white dogs in front of your wall to distract people. I might start renting out Gracie and LuLu

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