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How to Make Money at Home Reviewing Websites

How to Make Money at Home Reviewing Websites

How to Make Money at Home Reviewing Websites

Wow. Before you actually sign up for this, read the “fine print” – the user agreement and privacy policy. I’m not willing to do agree to their terms, plain and simple! They want a lot of VERY personal information!

Is this something if you make over a certain amount you’ll need to pay taxes on it?

I only started doing testing this year, so I haven’t gotten tax info yet. The UserTesting website states that you will be considered an independent contractor and responsible for reporting any tax liability.

There are not enough surveys to do in an hour to even get close to $60. Maybe in a month!!

When you calculate out the hourly rate of getting paid $10 for 10 minutes of work, it comes out to be $60 per hour. You are absolutely correct that to earn this rate you will need to do 6 surveys per hour. The amount of surveys available to take will depend on what time of day you are logging in and whether you meet the demographic requirements of a particular survey.

Very informative article! 60.00 per hour isn’t too shabby! Thanks for the interesting read, Amie!

Thanks! I’ve done it a few times since I wrote this post and it’s an easy way to earn extra money.

Thanks Maria, I’m glad you liked it!

Are you the opinionated type? Can’t help but tell people exactly what you think or give advice on what they should be doing? Did you know there are ways to get paid for those valuable thoughts and opinions in the comfort of your own home? I know I sound like a bad infomercial, but you can seriously make money at home reviewing websites.

If you are anything like me, your BS radar just went off. I am the first person to get suspicious anytime I hear about an easy way to make money at home. These “work from home” opportunities usually sound like less than reputable work or have a catch to them.

I can say from personal experience that this is not the case with Usertesting. I was wary until I finally used Usertesting for my own website. My blog is still new and I am constantly tweaking and changing things to try to get it just the way I want it. Usertesting records real people giving honest opinions while browsing the site and completing simple tasks, then sends the recording to the website owner.

Once I got a feel for how Usertesting works from the viewpoint of the website owner, I decided to sign up to be a tester.

It is such a simple process

Go to Usertesting and click on Get Paid to Test.

Set up an account and take a practice test.

Once your practice test is approved you will be able to complete your profile/demographic information and be eligible for paid testing.

Available tests will show up in your dashboard and you just click on the test you want to take.

Some of the sites being tested are targeting certain demographics, so you will be asked a few questions up front to see if you qualify for that test. If you don’t qualify, just move on to the next one.

When you are ready to take the test, you will click a button to launch a screen recorder that records your voice and your screen.

After your first test, your recording will be reviewed to give you tips on how to give better feedback. Remember, these sites are looking for your input. You should say anything that you are thinking, “This should link to more information” or “I like the color scheme of this site” or “I wish this was more descriptive” are all things they want to know.

Once your first recording is reviewed, you will be eligible to take more tests.

Your payment will be sent to PayPal 7 days after the date you take the test.

Are you earning $60 per hour?

Tests usually take about 10 minutes to complete and you usually get paid $10 per test. Do the math–that is equal to $60 per hour! Where else can you sit around in your pj’s, and get paid that kind of money for your opinions? Let’s be real, when have you ever been paid at all for your opinions? I know I’ve been giving mine out for free…I think of it as a public service.

I’ve only done Usertesting once so far, but it was as simple as it sounds. I was literally sitting in my pajamas getting ready to go to bed and logged in to see what tests were available.

I ended up not qualifying for the first test I clicked on, but there were multiple other tests to choose from on my dashboard.

I decided to take a mini test that was only going to take 3-5 minutes and pay $3. It was a perfect way to get my feet wet with testing. The directions popped up on the screen along with a button to launch the screen recorder, and I spent 4 minutes giving my feedback on what looked like a new site that hasn’t launched yet. Boom, I earned $3 and went to bed. I call that a good night.

Are you convinced to give it a try yet?

This is not a way to get rich quick, but it is definitely a legit way to supplement your income. If you take 3 tests a week, that would put an extra $30 a week or $120 a month in your bank account. In a year you would have earned $1,440! This would be a great way to help build an emergency fund or pay down your debt. Stop giving those opinions away for free and get paid to review websites.

Have you tried Usertesting? How much have you made?

Original article and pictures take http://www.busybliss.com/make-money-home-reviewing-websites/ site

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