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I had so much fun putting my living room together for Christmas and I have to admit... I love it!

I had so much fun putting my living room together for Christmas and I have to admit... I love it!

I had so much fun putting my living room together for Christmas and I have to admit... I love it!

Lisa, I love this room, too. Soooo pretty and I am using my olive bucket for a small tree, too in one of my rooms. Won't say which one yet. Glad you were able to grab one of those buckets.

Lisa that blue armoire is so fresh and lovely. Can't wait to see the before and afters next year!

Lisa I am enjoying looking at all of your photos! WOW gorgeous room! I LOVE this look! Very French Nordic you did an amazing job! Oh how lucky to find one of those buckets! Hmmm wonder if I am too late.I may have to check out our Tuesday Morning and see if they have any!Your tree looks beautiful in yours!



Um, yes, you should just leave your living room like this all year round it is amazing! And if you do decide having Christmas in July isn't for you, then you can send your stuff my way when you are done :). Beautiful job!!

What a beautiful, peaceful, and serene room! I especially love your blue armoire.You did a lovely job! I look forward to your future posts. :)


Very pretty and so perfect for the holidays! I have two of those buckets and never thought to put a tree in them. That's fantastic!!

Lisa this room looks so pretty!! Love your Christmas touches and love that armoire!!

Adore it. Love the simple charming look!

LOVE! So peaceful and elegant!



Love, love, Love it! I could sit in that room forever.

Beautiful room. Love the armoire!!

We are two peas in a pod my friend! I love the centerpiece!!! And I have that same star (you'll see it later this week), AND I broke one of my glass & salt ornaments too and it also made a mess. Your room looks gorgeous!!!

Wow Lisa. You living room is beautiful!

That is such a simple fresh room, Lisa! The olive bucket is great and the armoire is gorgeous. I think we have the same flooring. I just put my floor down in this house - a laminate wood. All looks wonderful!!!!

I love how your room turned out! I'm using the exact same olive bucket for my tree in my living room as well....great minds think alike:-)

Enjoy the holidays!



I love how fresh and natural your holiday living room looks! So pretty!

I love the look and feel of your decor. It couldn't be more different than mine (lol) but that is what makes reading blogs so fun :-)

I really love how this room turned out! The centerpiece on your coffee table is my favorite. I also love how you placed a tree in your olive bucket. So cute! So nordic looking too. I have an olive bucket on my kitchen table filled with Christmas greenery and cotton branches. I will be sharing that soon. Love the blue armoire and wreath you made for it too. What color did you use on that armoire? I love it!

This is just beautiful! I love the shape of that lil tree. :) And your armoire with wreath is perfect.

OHHHHH.... you know I am in love with your armoire. I have been looking for over 1 year on Craigslist to find one simliar to it. One of these days, it will appear and I will snatch it up. Your home is beautiful. I love coming to your blog to be inspired. It is simple, yet elegant. Thank you for sharing.

~ Lisa from Indiana ~

Lisa beautiful, beautiful! I love the olive bucket and the crate on the table, everything is perfect!


Hi Lisa,

I love the simplicity and beauty of your livingroom. All of your touches are so special. Love the tree, the centerpiece and your wreath.

The cabinet was well worth the time and effort that you put into it. It's 2die4.



This room is incredibly serene and gorgeous! That blue armoire is perfection! Love the tree in the olive bucket as well :)

Lisa, thank you so much for sharing such a lovely living room So tastefully done.

I love this room Lisa! It looks so fresha and relaxing:) and score! on that olive bucket!!


This is the most beautiful room. I love the softness and the rustic glam. Very inspiring. Thank you for such a beautiful and lovely post.



It looks lovely! I love the olive bucket too ; o )

Your living room looks beautiful Lisa! I love the tree in the olive bucket.

Things I want to steal from you #1 your crate full of greenery #2 your Olive bucket with tree #3 your blue armoire :)

Your living room & mantel all look so calm and pretty.

So simple and beautiful, Lisa. I'd definitely keep it up even after Christmas. Maybe just take the ornaments off?

Happy December!


Wow, what a beautiful, uncluttered and cozy room! The armoire...amazing! I understand about these things taking time. It looks like it was so worth it. I just love it! The color is so soft too.


Beautiful room. Love your centerpiece. The armoire is gorgeous even though it took a long time!

Mary Alice

How beautiful! It looks so peaceful and calming! I love the wreath, too, it looks lovely!

Wow I totally envy your Christmas tree set up! I love the galvanized bucket:) Also love the wood grain wrapping! Looks awesome! Merry Christmas!

Brittny @ www.deerlybeelovedcreations.com

Your room looks absolutely lovely!

I love your blue armoire!

It's beautiful- so many pretty elements. White Christmas is in the air to this room. :)

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Lisa, I've poured over every photo of your home. It's so beautiful. ♥

Did I tell you this was the most viewed link in the homespun Christmas party at the ranch? Grab a featured button if you like.

Your Christmas decor is \"simply\" beautiful!!

Oh Lisa - your living room needs to be featured in a magazine! It's just beautiful! I love the simplicity, the fresh colors, and the serene feeling! GREAT job!!

xoxo laurie

How beautiful! Love the crate on the coffee table...just fab!

So very beautiful. It all looks simply elegant. The tree is the olive bucket is perfect as is the rustic glam centerpiece. Love it all.

I love this room! It is so cozy and vintage and you really rock that rustic glam look! I like you room even better than the inspiration :)

Hi Lisa!!

Haven't talked to you forever! :) Your living room looks amazing! I pinned your centerpiece crate & posted it on my ticking and toile facebook page and it has been the MOST popular photo by FAR!! You'll have to come look at all the comments people left! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ticking-and-Toile/256458254389067

Talk soon!



Very pretty and natural! Loving your tree in the bucket and the greens in the pop crate. Your armoire is perfect...wonderful job, LOVE the color!!!

I had so much fun putting my living room together for Christmas and I have to admit... I love it!

I wish I could leave it this way all year long!

This room was VERY inspired by a room posted on the beautiful German blog, Belle Blanc, in December 2010.

I fell head over heels with the beautifully decorated Christmas room as soon as I saw it and have never been able to get it out of my head.

I told her I was going to steal her idea and she didn't protest so I guess it's ok!

and also placed candles and sparkly acorns inside.

Kristen calls this look \"rustic glam\", I like that description!

The two vintage looking tins on the wall are something I recently finished.

I'll do a whole post on them in 2013.

Love the little tree in the corner.

I was really surprised to find it at the grocery store!

I placed the tree (in a stand) in a vintage olive bucket.

I've wanted one of these olive buckets for so long.

When Kim @ Savvy Southern Style mentioned on her blog that Tuesday Morning was selling them,

I got myself over there asap.

They are the real deal and were three times cheaper than what I saw them for at a Houston antique shop,

so thanks Kim!

On top of the tree is a sparkly birch bark star.

It was an ornament, but I turned it into a tree topper.

The ornaments are mini glass balls from Michael's.

I filled them with kosher salt for a snowy look.

One broke and it made a mess!

I finally finished my armoire makeover.

It's taken me over a year.

I'll be doing a post on it in 2013 too.

I'm a sucker for arched topped armoire's! This morning I threw together this wreath to hang from the doors. I started with this bunch of greenery from Michael's. I pulled all the gold berries off.

Next I wrapped a piece of wire around a mixing bowl to get a perfect circle shape and then I started hot gluing on the branches.

Finally I glued on some white faux berries and hung it with a thin silver ribbon.

Two of these arm chairs are opposite the couch in my living room,

but I never show them on my blog because the room opens up to our dining room,

so while it looks fine \"in person\" it looks to busy in photographs.

Our living room is actually supposed to be the dining room in our house.

The blue armoire sits in a nook that I think was built to hold a china cabinet or buffet.

Behind the white doors is our kitchen.

I went a little crazy taking pictures so here's a \"few\" more...... Thanks for stopping by!

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