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Ice cream cake made with ice cream sandwiches and candy bars. This cake is super easy to throw together and is a huge crowd pleaser!

Ice cream cake made with ice cream sandwiches and candy bars. This cake is super easy to throw together and is a huge crowd pleaser!

Ice cream cake made with ice cream sandwiches and candy bars. This cake is super easy to throw together and is a huge crowd pleaser!

This looks good. I just made one for my man’s bday too!


YUMMY!!!! I will have to try this!! We have some ice cream sandwiches in the freezer…..



Oh my gosh…this looks amazing…I want to go make one for dinner…not dessert…dinner…;)

Yum!! I so want to eat one of these now, thanks a lot! :)

Oh.my.worddd. That looks DELISH. Ill be trying this for my three year old’s “family” party. How yummy! Thanks for sharing!

I make one too! It is so good I even make them for my daughters b-day in January! It’s cake, then a layer of oreo fudge, then the ice cream! Then iced in whipped cream. I posted a recipe and tutorial here.


Love for you to check it out! ~April @ Wildflowers & Whimsy

Oh. my. word. That sounds absolutely divine!!!

wow! that’s a great idea! I can see this in so many varieties! thanks for sharing.


Lord have mercy on this pregnant woman with gestational diabetes…..this looks so good I can’t stand it! Adding to my “things I’ll eat when I can have sugar again” pinterest board :) Thanks so much for sharing!

Wow! This looks so sooo yummy! My children just love it. Will give it a try for sure. Thanks for sharing:)

Hope to see you on my blog:)

The only thing I can say is YUM!!!! I am totally making one this weekend. Thanks for a great recipe.

The only thing I can is YUM! I plan on making one this weekend. Thanks for the great recipe.

This is awesome!! We’re doing a grad party next month for my son and he has requested ice cream. I was thinking about doing some kind of ice cream cake … well, this is perfect! Love that it is easy!!

Oh my! I haven’t even had breakfast yet, but now I want a piece. Looks so yummy!

Wow…this I need to remember… what a birthday cake.

Okay, my mouth is actually watering right now. I pinned this one to my “Foods to Die For” board on Pinterest. I love it!

I will be making it for sure.

Enjoy the rest of your week,

LaVonne @ Long Wait For Isabella

Oh my goodness! This dessert is so wicked! I bet nobody can resist this. Oh, I want a slice now.

I love this idea, Jamilyn! My Bday is in SEPTEMBER! This is my kind of cake!

You are a lifesaver! I have a birthday party tomorrow and waited too long to order a cake because I was going to bake one, but when the temp rose to 93 again today I decided against it. Thank you!

so glad i don’t like chocolate or i would go make me one of these right now! lol looks delish! i’ll have to hide my computer screen so davis doesn’t see it! haha

happy crafting,


PS are you going to blogher in a few weeks?

haha your so crazy you don’t like chocolate! not even chocolate chip cookies?! lol

And Blogher… ugh i dunno. At first I was thinking I would just drive down for the day and go to the expo and a party… but i just got back from CA and I really don’t know if I want to drive down there again. What about you?

This looks delicious!! My birthday was Friday — I’m thinkin’ I need to continue the celebration with this yummy cake!! :):)

haha for sure! i always celebrate my birthday all week long!!

wow this is so wicked…

I’m inviting you to add this to our linking party at


Have a great week,


Building an ice cream cake with ice-cream sandwiches is pure brilliance!

haha yes soo much easier huh?! and quite delicious!

Oh my goodness, this looks so good! Thanks for sharing!


thanks jen! it was SO good! ;)

This looks divine!

My birthday is July 10 and I want a do-over where I get this cake… yum!

haha.. hey it’s still july… i give you permission to celebrate again! ;)

That looks delicious! I wish I would have been up to date on reading my blogs and would have seen it for my Hub’s bday. Hmm, maybe I can find another excuse to make one…. Thanks for sharing!

I’ve done the same thing, only chopped up peanut butter cups. You can use any candy, really. Now I want one again!


Just found this. Great idea. Looks awesome!

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Ice cream cake made with ice cream sandwiches and candy bars. This cake is super easy to throw together and is a huge crowd pleaser!

SO my hubs birthday is in July… and July in AZ is HOT! There’s nothing better than ice cream cakes for those summer birthdays! If you remember last year I made him the oreo ice cream cake which is just as yummy.. and pretty much the same recipe. I remember the first time I tried this cake at my cousins house and I was in heaven. I love these cakes because they are super easy… NO bake.. and you can pretty much use any candy bar you like.

My husband loves Milky Way’s so this year we decided to do the milky way version instead of the oreo ice cream cake.


Milky Way Ice Cream Cake


1 pkg. ice cream sandwiches (I used 10)

1 tub Whipped Topping (cool whip)

1/2 Jar Chocolate Fudge

1/2 Jar Caramel Topping

10 mini milky ways (or more..)

8 mini snickers


1. For the first layer you lay your ice cream sandwiches down in a 9x13 pan.

2. Next spread a layer of caramel and chocolate. Then sprinkle the chopped candy bars across this layer. You can repeat this whole layer… but I was running out of ice cream sandwiches so I just did one layer.

3. Next spread the cool whip over the first layer. Then top it all off with another layer of drizzled chocolate, caramel and milky ways/snickers.

4. Cover and set in freezer for a few hours.

Can you say YUMMY?!

Are there any summer birthdays in your family? Do you make ice cream cakes too?

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