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Image from Divine Designs

Image from Divine Designs

Image from Divine Designs

Some of these would work for young women, too. Thanks!

Good point Heather!!

Cute ideas :)

Thank you for sharing my bell tags!

I adore your bell tags Alia- they are so great!

I make a personalized \"quiet time\" book for each child in our class. Takes time, but not a lot of money.

I buy an inexpensive 4 x 6 photo album from WalMart ($1). Sometimes they have covers that say \"Believe\" or \"Faith\". If not, you can print your own cover on a 4 x 6 index card.

Version 1: I've scanned all the photos from my manual and sent a selection of the pics from the life of the Savior to an account at WalMart Photo and have them printed as photos. It's usually about 12 to 15 pictures per book and costs about $1 per child - so the total is around $2 per book. I put the pics in the album on the right side and a printed version of a Primary Song on the left side. The inside cover has their name and the year we were their teachers, along words the words to the Primary Song \"It shouldn't be hard to sit very still.\"

Version 2: For the littler ones I used the photos along with pics that they've drawn through out the year to go with different lessons. The baptisms pictures they draw are a hoot!!! They LOVE knowing that the card they are drawing is going into a book that will be theirs. Just give them a blank 4 x 6 index card and keep them when they are done.

Version 3: Also, if you are using the green manual, some AWESOME person has printed cards for the entire manual (found on Sugar Doodle) and we put those in one year.

Great idea Rachael! Thanks for sharing!

So many cute ideas! I want to do them all!

If only, right. I think I'll do a different one each year so eventually I'll get to them all.

Fun idea Des!

Thanks for featuring our gift bags! (LDS Greats)

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It's the end of the year. For most of you, you'll say goodbye to your LDS Primary class and welcome in a new bunch of kids. What can you leave with your Primary class before they move on? How can you wish them a Merry Christmas?

I've gather 4 simple and affordable ideas of things you can give your class. These LDS Primary gifts will help your class remember the things they have been learning throughout the year and the way they have felt as you've strived to bring the Spirit into the classroom each week.

I love these vinyl stickers from Little LDS Ideas. Order a few for your class and if you have any leftovers, you have a great home/visiting teaching gift too. The great thing about this one is you can use ornaments you already have but no longer need or you can get some cheap ones at the store. Add these cute stickers (come in 6 colors) then add a message with Sharpie on the back. They are fairly painless to put together and take under a minute.

Image from Divine Designs

Image from My Computer is My Canvas

Church Themed Candy

Encourage your class to always \"chews\" the right with these fun gum wrappers from Divine Designs or get your class excited about the year's Primary theme with these chocolate wrappers from My Computer is My Canvas. It's such a fun way to have a little treat and send a sweet note too. You can also pick several favorite candies and add these CTR shields from LDS Craft Supply.

Image from LDSBookstore


These photo prints are only 50 cents. Write your testimony on the back and you're done. If you can, get a dollar store picture frame to add to it. My seminary teacher gave me one my freshmen year and I still have it hanging in my house.

Image from Par-Tay Like a Cherry

I adore this Polar Express bell idea from Par-tay like a Cherry. She tied in the wonderful message of believing with the Savior's message in Mark 5:36. Head to her site to print the bell tags out for free. Tie the tags to a bell and share your testimony with your class as you hand them out.

Coloring Books

Give the gift of coloring plus reinforce the messages you have shared all year. If you have extra handouts you've been hanging on to, gather them together and make a coloring book for each child. If you don't have extra handouts, my Color like a Chicken coloring book includes activities and coloring pages from the lessons throughout the year. It'll reinforce what you've taught this past year and give your class something fun to do. Staple it together or sew it with some yarn. Include a personal message and a fun box of crayons or markers for a meaningful gift.

Think your class is too old for coloring books? Do the same thing but with the journal pages I've shared all year long. Collect the pages after your class fills them out each week and assemble it into a book (folders with brads work well). Attach a nice pen and give the gift of their testimony to them for Christmas.

The most important gift you can give your Primary class, however, is your love and your testimony. Remember to share it one last time and to make sure they know you love them because that's what these gifts are all about.

Your Turn- What do you like to give your Primary class for Christmas?

Original article and pictures take http://www.cknscratch.com/teaching-tips-and-tricks/christmas-gifts-for-your-lds-primary-class site

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