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image via delifromthevalley.blogspot.de

image via delifromthevalley.blogspot.de

image via delifromthevalley.blogspot.de

I think many of your ideas were great….some a little simple for me but great for kids to make. I love the sugar scrub……plan to make some for gifts for granddaughters for Christmas. Thanks for the good ideas.

Wow. So cool. So gonna try these

Looking for DIY gifts you can make in a hurry? The moment December hits, it feels like every weekend is filled with holiday festivities like dinner parties and family get-togethers. It can get a bit crazy when we have to think of the gifts we need to buy or make. So to avoid running out of time, I rounded up 25 easy last minute DIY gift ideas you can whip up in less than an hour!

I know it’s still a few weeks before December and you may still have plenty of time to do your holiday shopping. But in a busy world like ours, do any of us really have enough time? Time can be really tricky. That’s the main reason why many of us procrastinate and keep on putting off things we should be doing. I know I’m guilty of that. So just in case you forget, save this page. You may not know when you’ll need some quick and easy DIY gifts that won’t break the bank!

1. DIY Cat Mug: Hot Fish Soup. Meow!

image via delifromthevalley.blogspot.de

Use a porcelain pen to make this DIY project and you’re done in no time! See the instructions here. (In German, but the images will guide you well.)

2. Cute Pom-Pom and Tassel Bookmarks

image via projektila.blogspot.fi

You can make a lot of these cute bookmarks in less than an hour! See the how-to here. (In Finnish, don’t worry, the pictures will guide you.)

3. DIY Pretty Hair Clips

image via prettylifegirls.com

You can make one in less than a minute… so that’s a lot in one hour. Fun and easy! Have a collection of DIY pretty hair clips and you’ll have a lot to give to your friends.

4. Hexagon Bracelet

image via whollykao.com

This Hexagon bracelet makes a perfect gift to your friends! So drop by the nearest hardware store and you’re set!

5. Stripey Bangle

image via tonyautkina.blogspot.com

Make colorful bracelets look special and creative with easy-to-find materials! Pick your favorite color or try to survey your loved ones for their colors.

These PSL bath bombs are the cutest fall gift idea we’ve ever seen! https://t.co/ZFDxfkP35i pic.twitter.com/3YMa5Q7Ph3

— DIY Projects (@DIYProjectsCom) October 12, 2016

6. Lip Balm Locket

image via radicalpossibility.com

Girls are absolutely going to freak on this! Beautiful locket + Lip balm? Stylishly perfect! See the instructions here.

7. Cool Pocket Tee

image via ohthelovelythings

Here’s a cheap and simple way to update your plain tee. All you need is 10 minutes and you’re done! It’s a great way to personalize the tees you’re planning to gift.

8. Cute Wall Decor

image via factorydirectcraft

Grab some push pins and a canvass for a fab wall decor and gift idea! You can be creative and do more than just the word “LOVE”. You can probably try HOPE or if you’re feeling adventurous, try a longer word.

9. Crafty Cash

image via joannagoddard.blogspot.com

If you’ll go for cash as a last minute gift, make it fun with these cute folding techniques! I would love to receive a couple of these gifts.

10. Gold Gilded Gift Boxes

image via youaremyfave.com

Make those boring gift boxes glamorous with a touch of gold. The box can seem like a gift in itself. Cool, right?

11. Peppermint Sugar Scrub

image via sayyes

These fancy tiny milk bottles filled with peppermint sugar scrub is so simple to make but will definitely make the receiver feel special. They’re so easy to make. See here.

12. Lemonhead Infused Vodka

image via fashionablybombed.com

This super lemony vodka makes a pretty and vibrant last minute gift idea! It’s super delicious too so make a batch and hand them out.

13. Mason Jar Matches

image via laurenconrad

DIY Mason jar matches paired to a scented candle makes a simple gift into a lovely gift set. Brilliant!

14. Homemade Journal

image via abeautifulmess.com

These little guys make great gifts, and you’ll love that it’s easy to whip up a stash in no time! See the tutorial here.

15. Monogrammed Sharpie Mug

image via goodandmessy

Customize plain mugs with stickers and then use your pen around them for that impressive gift that could only cost you less than a dollar! Head here for the tutorial.

16. Sweets Bouquet

image via funkypolkadotgiraffe.blogspot.co.uk

You can create a gorgeous candy arrangement for those with sweet tooth. It’s so easy! Check out the steps to make one here.

17. Gift in a Cup

image via somuchtodew.blogspot.com

Who wouldn’t use an on-the-go cup?! Fill it up with their favorite stuff (sweet treats, lip gloss, gift cards, drink packets, nail polish, or anything else they love that will fit) and you’ve got a cute gift that works for just about anyone! See it here.

18. Pull-out Photo Album

image via countryliving

Here’s a great alternative to your traditional photo album! Print out those family pictures or you can even leave it blank so they can customize their own pull-out photo album.

19. DIY Personalized Casserole Dish

image via hp.com

Customize a casserole dish, wine glass, or anything else glass with a personalized monogram! Learn the steps here.

20. DIY Scrabble Coasters

image via thegourmetgab.com

You’ll love the way these Scrabble Tile coasters will turn out! Customize them with different words or maybe include the name of the receiver to make it more special. See the directions here.

21. Framed Scrabble Tiles

image via sashablablabla.blogspot.ca

Here’s another creative gift idea using scrabble tiles! Frame them with family names, a quote, or anything else you’d like. Head here for the tutorial.

image via DIY Ready

Here’s a neat gift idea you can make in a snap! Grab a couple of small items that will mean a lot to your friends and family. The bow completes everything.

23. Knitting Needle Case

image via blog.goodsmiths.com

Here’s something for our crafter friends. They’ll love these little felt cases for their needles! Works for chopsticks, too. See the tutorial here.

24. Vintage Ribbon Camera Strap

image via thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

Let’s put those ribbons to good use, shall we? This vintage camera strap will be a delight to your friends who owns a camera. Get the tutorial here.

25. Cute Animal Key Chains

image via pm-betweenthelines.blogspot.fr

These cute and adorable animal key chains not only make a charming gift but also work as party favors and Christmas tree ornaments! They’re fun and easy to make. Head here for the tutorial.

Want more last minute DIY gifts people would actually want to receive? Get more here from MissTiffanyMa:

So there you have it! DIY gifts you can make whenever you need to give the gift of giving. These gift ideas won’t cost you a fortune and most certainly will not take you more than an hour to make. Just in case you still won’t do your Christmas shopping anytime soon, take your pick from this list!

Which one caught your fancy? I’d love to know which of these DIY gift ideas you’ll be making for your loved ones. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

And if you need more gift ideas for the holidays, get more here!

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