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iPad Lettering Tools

iPad Lettering Tools

iPad Lettering Tools

Check those items off your Christmas list using this Ultimate Artist Gift Guide! Find ideas for painting, hand lettering, graphic design and more!

Courses and Learning Products

Have a budding artist or graphic designer in the family? Give them the gift of learning with these online courses and printable worksheets

Printable Design Course: my basic design course in Adobe Illustrator.

Hand Lettering for Beginners Course: learn the basics of hand lettering with just the worksheets or purchase the video course.

Brush Lettering Worksheets by Random Olive

Lettering Tools

Hand Lettering and Brush Lettering are

Tombow Dual Brush Pens: These are my FAVORITE for hand lettering. Get them in every color!

Tombow Blending Kit: Create fun effects in hand lettering and coloring with this blending kit.

Pentel Brush Pen: Give brush lettering a watercolor effect with this easy to use pen.

Sharpies: because they are so fun!

Zig Markers: for a rustic brush lettering look.

Custom Calligraphy Pens: These are GORGEOUS and would make a really thoughtful gift (hint, hint Husband).

iPad Lettering Tools

All the fun of lettering and drawing without the mess! These are all on my list this year! I just tried out the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil and it’s AMAZING! You will need the first three on the list to create hand lettered art on the iPad, but the last one will come in handy!

Fonts and Graphics

I get all my fonts and graphics at Creative Market! It’s amazing and you get to support small business while you’re at it. Check out my favorite Hand Lettered Fonts for inspiration!


Pentel Watercolors: These are really vibrant and beautiful colors for beginners or advanced artists

Acrylics: These are my favorite acrylics to work with and they’re inexpensive

Coloring Books and Notebooks

Notebooks for Creatives: Create beautiful notebook art with these fun notebooks

Holiday Fun Coloring Pages: The gift that keeps on giving! Includes coloring pages for every holiday and you can print them out over and over again!

Color Me Inspired Coloring Book: 20 pages of fun, pretty coloring pages for adults!

Hope you enjoyed this Artist Gift Guide!

Original article and pictures take http://printablecrush.com/ultimate-artist-gift-guide/ site

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