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Mocha Java Ice Cream

Mocha Java Ice Cream

Mocha Java Ice Cream


Hi Glory – I’m seeing it now live on the site there. Thanks for letting me know.

One of my favorite flavors…delicious! Thanks for sharing such a great way to cool down on a warm day!

Mm that sounds amazing. Thinking of you this weekend. HUGS

So glad you are finding a way to honor your mother’s memory on this first very hard year. My friend is going through the same this year and we are taking her out to celebrate her birthday tonight. Birthday always falls very near or on Mother’s Day. She lost her mom right after you did. It is so hard. Praying for you this year.

This looks absolutely amazing! It’s my favorite too, though I have never made it at home. My sister gave us an ice cream maker last year, so I’ll definitely try your recipe. Thanks for sharing!

I have been thinking about you. I know Mother’s Day, and every holiday, is especially tough. I bet your mom would be very pleased that you were able to find a way to remember the good times with her and share that love with others.

Love you sweets!!!

Stopping by from Family Fun Friday. This Ice Cream looks beautiful. Mocha Java is one of my favorites…I Pinned for later. Thanks for sharing.

This ice cream looks incredible! Love coffee flavored ice cream and I know this will be even better!!

Yum! so glad that you shared this, it looks amazing!

My sister-in-law is the ice cream maker in our family.I’m sending this recipe to her in hopes she will make us some this weekend! Pinning!

Thank you so much for sharing your creativity at our Show-Licious Craft & Recipe Party! Join us again on Saturday to show off your latest projects!

~ Ashley

[…] Mocha Java Ice Cream from Kleinworth & Co. is the “perfect blend of mocha and coffee” and will be especially loved by those of us who are Starbucks mocha fans. I can’t wait to try it! […]

Mother’s Day is this weekend. Honestly I have been trying to avoid it as much as I possibly can. I’m not even telling my kids that it’s happening. With this being the first one since my mom passed away – I frankly have just lost my enthusiasm for it. I don’t want to think about it. But then it came up. My contributor post for SNAP! Creativity. The theme- Mother’s Day. So now what? I was forced to deal with it & get over myself. Instead of staying sad – I decided to use the moment to create a recipe that my mom & I shared ALL THE TIME together, Mocha Java Ice Cream. She loved it so much & because of that- we had it all the time. In fact, it wasn’t unusual to have it for dinner when it was just her & I all those years. Yep- I know…totally not something we should have had for a meal. But you know- I look back & think- what harm did it do? So anyhow- after many attempts at trying to get this perfect- I finally did it & now it’s time to share.

It really has the perfect blend of mocha & coffee.

For those that love coffee ice cream – this is like that- but better.

It’s really close to my mocha from Starbucks – only frozen so I can have it all summer.

Then there are the mini chocolate chips.

I love them & I think they add just enough of that little something extra I like with each bite.

My mom would be so happy that I finally perfected this recipe.

We would have been sharing some with a piece of cake this weekend.

Want More frozen treats?

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