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No bake chocolate peppermint balls

No bake chocolate peppermint balls

No bake chocolate peppermint balls

It is hard! It really doesn’t help when you do say you shouldn’t and everyone else pushes more and says go ahead! I don’t need any motivation to try these out though, I’ll be making these for sure after I get some candy canes

yum! these look heavenly — thanks for sharing!

I was going to make something almost exactly the same (except with almonds- that’s what is on hand here.) I’m going to go with “Great minds think alike!” …..That would be super hard for me having built in excuse and all during Christmas. Treats like this usually taste a million times better than the unhealthy things anyways! Yummm!

Great minds do think alike, my friend!

I just made them as a gift for a teacher’s aid of mine- they are HEAVEN! I ate one and it was a huge mistake! Now, I am just itching to eat the whole plate!

Thinking of you and Baby Bean! Crossing my fingers and praying for you and your family! I can’t wait to hear the news!

I’m glad you liked these! I hope your aid liked them, too.

I have to say, those look so good! I would totally be satisfied eating those during the holidays.

What a great recipe! Really wanna try it! Just gotta get some dates. And you did a fab job on the pics…..totally look magazine-worthy! I’ve been following your pregnancy updates and love reading each one. Haven’t commented as much lately, but looking forward to hearing news of your new baby bean soon!

Many Blessings this Christmas season!

Thank you so much, Leigh Anne! No news yet…getting ready to post my 39 week update.

LOVE the pictures, they are beautiful! And the recipe sounds amazing!

Thank you, Lauren!

I love that you rolled them in peppermint! How adorable!

These look great and your pictures are so beautiful and festive! It sure is hard when people are shoving things in your face, but I feel like it get’s easier and easier for me to resist when I want to and indulge when I can!

Thank you, Lisa!

These look so yummy! Quick questions…what kind of cocoa powder do you use?

I am not loyal to one specific brand. I just use natural, unsweetened cocoa powder.

I can’t wait to make these!!! You are speaking my language BTW- The photos look awesome, so pretty and yummy too!! Looks like we will be getting a week 39 update, huh? That little guy is holding tight.

Thank you, Amy. Yep, the 39 week update is coming up. I am late posting it today, so I’m sure it seemed like I was going into labor. No such luck!

Love that first photo! Your festiveness (is that even a word?) is making me feel like a grinch. I have yet to make a single holiday treat–healthy or otherwise. I’m such a slacker.

These look delicious. I’m definitely going to be eating a lot of raw balls this winter to try and cut sugar cravings with more natural sweeteners. I like the idea of adding candy canes for something a little fun.

Any suggestions on how to make these without nuts so I can bring them to my sons daycare teachers…they look SO good but I cant bring nuts on the premises

I’m sorry this is late–with a new baby in the house I’ve gotten behind on my comment replies. I wish could think of something to substitute for the nuts, but I’m not sure how they’d turn out without them. I’m guessing it’s too late for you to make them for your son’s teachers now anyway, but in the future maybe some seeds would work? Sunflower or pumpkin seeds? I’ll have to try that sometime. Let me know if you try it!

Do you have nutriential info.?

Each ball is approximately 75 calories, with 1.5 grams of protein, and 3.5 grams of fat. I hope that helps!

Do you know that being pregnant this time of year is hard? Like, really, really hard? Something sweet is being pushed my way every other second and it’s as if I have a built-in excuse to say, “Why not?” and indulge. Again and again.

I can still indulge in the regular, full-on holiday treats being passed my way once in a while, but having these kind of treats on hand helps me keep a balance. They satisfy my craving for the sweet confections of the season and sure feel like I’m indulging. Except they’re made with wholesome ingredients and are sweetened with dates instead of white sugar. 100% healthier than most of the Christmas treats you find out there.

The second best thing about these incredible little chocolate peppermint balls? You can have them made in 15 minutes. Need a last minute hostess gift? Need a sweet treat now? Don’t have time to make traditional holiday candies or cookies? Here you go.

I should add that these are equally good without the crunchy candy cane coating. If you just need a chocolate fix, go ahead and make them without the candy canes. You can even leave out the peppermint extract. That just gives them an extra minty flavor I was looking for. Either way, indulge!

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