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Now let’s head into the dining room!

Now let’s head into the dining room!

Now let’s head into the dining room!

Gorgeous! I'm going to scroll through your photos several times to soak all the beauty in! I have a major crush on your dinin room!

Beautiful! I love it all!

Merry Christmas!

So many excellent ideas at your house! I'm going to study these. One of my favorite things is the little bitty picture frame with sheet music in it. I absolutely love the deer art work you made too.

Oh my goodness Doreen, absolutely gorgeous! I love every single room and vignette! You have the most beautiful, warm and welcoming home!

Love, love, love what you did – and I cannot believe how much you got accomplished in just two days. Are you sure there's not an Army of elves hiding behind the trees? I am coveting that red plaid reindeer framed art. Are you going to show how to make that? I want one. Thanks so much for joining in our tour and allowing us to come into your home. xxoo, Barb

Doreen!!! Your home is AMAZING!! I loved every single detail and that tree…oh my word that tree is gorgeous! You have so much talent and creativity and it all feels so warm and welcoming. Well done!


I want that tablecloth! What a great find for your kitchen, and it is perfect for Christmas.

I'm in love with every detail of your home, but I think the back porch may be my favorite place of all. I love the vintage wagon and tricycle, plus the Coke crate paired with mason jars. I cannot believe you did all of this in TWO days. You are a superwoman!

Looks so gorgeous!! Love all the touches of red and that paper garland you made is beautiful!

First time visitor to your blog and I must say everything is beautiful. It looks like it's straight from a magazine. Your style, staging, and photography is inspiring! Thanks for sharing it all with us! Pinning and following you now! ~ Angie at Postcards from the Ridge

Oh my goodness, Girlfriend, you NAILED it!!! Your home is beautiful! Honestly, it should be in a magazine! Everything works together to make for a very festive and restful Christmas! Hope you get to enjoy it now! I can find some places where Baby Button might like to curl up–beside the friendly reindeer? Or maybe on the porch swing beside the teddy bear? Don't be surprised if I come up for hot chocolate very soon so I can ooh and ahh over your home in person.

Beautiful I love how you coorporate the bicycle and the wagon into your Christmas decoration !

Doreen your attention to detail is so evident. Just beautiful, so cheerful and inviting. Had to do a little pinning of some of your vignettes,


There are so many little things I love in your home…your vignettes are beautiful…Thanks Doreen for inviting us into your home…xo

Beautiful work! I just got inspired! Thank YOU!



Doreen, what a gorgeous home you have… filled with your creative touches. Your back porch should be on the cover of Country Living or Holiday Inspiration! I have loved all of your creative and inspirational touches!!! From each vignette, to the pillows and that amazing winter-wonderland-of-a-tree… to the deer made from a $5.00 tablecloth and the sweet bear on top of the gifts in the wagon all is AMAZING and filled with Christmas magic! I'm sharing this today!!!!

GORGEOUS!!!!! I love every single inch – but that mantel, makes me weak in the knees!

This was so much fun! Totally enjoyed seeing how you decorate for Christmas and seeing all your creative touches.

I love it! Gorgeous! All the white with the touches of red just make me swoon! Thanks so much for the tour!

STUNNING every single space, nook, and cranny. I love the white and silver room the best and the nativity/mantle. Well done. Jen-COM

Oh, Doreen, this is all so over the top cute, festive, cheery and happy! Oh, I want your checked framed deer silhouette. I wish I was crafty. You really got your mileage out of that tablecloth. I think I just may go back and look at all this again.

I enjoyed this so much, all your fun touches combined with white and little pops of color~everything looks perfect but not too perfect!


Absolutely Beautiful Doreen!! I kept scrolling up and down to make sure I didn't miss anything:)

Okay, this is the best house I have seen on the tour this year. Looks very homey and not that \"staged\" look. Thanks for letting us see it!


I will definitely leave your blog post today with a smile on my face and JOY in my heart, dear one!!!

I, truly, enjoyed your Christmas decor throughout the entire visit!!!

Thank you for sharing this charming, inviting, inspirational Home Tour with us!!!



Your home is filled with love and joy in every vignette. I love the fresh greens and berries. Your tour was very enjoyable. Thank you.

Your house is so beautiful–the decorating is perfect!

Wow! You got a lot done in 2 days!!! I am beyond impressed. I have always loved your home, but your Christmas home has me ready to move in! Thanks for sharing, friend! ~Christy

What a gorgeous home tour. Love your Christmas decor, it's just lovely!.

Love your holiday home! And, how special you have your childhood tricycle and son's wagon together under your porch tree! I have the same flocked tree from WM and love it! Thanks for the gorgeous tour and Happy Holidays!

So gorgeous! I love your porch… I could spend all day out their listening to Christmas music and sipping cocoa. Love all your pops of red. Thrilled to be on tour with you!

Doreen, you did a beautiful job decorating your home for Christmas. It looks cozy, bright and joyful. Thank you for the tour!

Doreen, everything looks beautiful!! I especially love the red and white. You surely got your money's worth out of that red tablecloth, didn't you?

Oh my goodness! Your home is breathtaking. I love everything so much I can't pick my favorite part! It's my first time visiting your blog, but I will definitely be following along.

It's all so lovely I just had to pin:-) Thank you also for sharing the templates to the Nativity, I've been looking to do something like that.

Your house and decor is really beautiful, I very much enjoyed my visit tonight. thanks!

Your home is stunning! Perfectly decorated for Christmas! Yours was one of my favorites last year and it is again this year! I want to pin things but there is so much good stuff I don't even know where to start! lol!

Your home is beautiful! I really like your old door turned message center and your reindeer DIY art.

Wow! You did that in 2 days? I'm positively impressed and inspired.I love that flocked tree – it truly looks real. We always had a flocked tree growing up (my parents always had an order in at a local tree farm). So that brings back lots of memories.

I also love all the pops of red. And that reindeer art has my wheels turning!

Oh , I loved everything about your holiday decor. Just perfect and not bad for 2 days! I especially love the special items that are so special to you and your family …. Christmas memories. Happy Holidays.

PS- That tablecloth silhouette is amazing!

Everything is absolutely gorgeous Doreen!! I love the red and white, vintage goodies, and your tree is divine – xo


So many wonderful touches to your home! You gave me some good ideas Thank you for sharing, your home is just lovely!

Blessings, Diane

This is the most beautiful home! Your decorations are to die for! I shared it on my FB Page! Thank you for sharing with us.

Hi, Doreen! Your home is just amazing. You had me at the tree, than the pops of red, the hot cocoa station, but especially the mantel and fireplace. That is a work of art!

Thank you so much for joining us on our tour!

I enjoyed seeing your gorgeous home for Christmas.

I'm really enjoying the home tours this year and I love yours! I love the red, the flocked tree, the porch tree etc. It's really beautiful! Blessings, Pamela

WOW your tour is amazing, just amazing! Not sure what I love most, there are so many goodies and Christmas cheer spread about. Wishing you a wonderful season. Merry Christmas. XO

Very pretty! I love all the special touches!


The Adored Home

I am so in love with all you did! My favorite thing is that rudolf pic and your check chairs.

Your Christmas decorating is just charming and wonderful.

So happy I found this, I have had one too many beige Christmas tours.


OH.MY.GOSH!!! Doreen, you have taken my breath away!!! That faux flocked tree is AH-MAZING!! I love that sweet paper garland! The cloche is precious as well as that adorable sheep! Your kitchen is gorgeous. Love the touch of red check. You did good with that tablecloth girlfriend. So many things to love…you are one talented gal!

My first time to your blog and I must say I will be back. Love your home and the love that shines in every detail. Merry Christmas.

Your home is so lovely and your decorations are so creative! I went on a little Pinning spree I especially love your reindeer art – I would never have guessed it was made from a tablecloth! I also love your flocked tree and mantel decorations.

It is all so lovely Doreen, but that flocked tree is just perfect. A beautiful Christmas home… thank you for the tour.

Every detail is just beautiful! I LOVED the tour! Merry Christmas! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

Doreen, I am just now getting around to seeing your home tour and it is GORGEOUS! I think you are a genius for using a red and white tablecloth to cover your chair seats and to also create that stunning piece of deer art in your kitchen! I am going on a pinning spree because there are so many incredible and creative ideas on your tour. ~Jane

Absolutely beautiful! You did a wonderful job decorating your home for Christmas! I loved the tour, THANKS for sharing!!

would you mind emailing me the link to your Christmas tree? It's beautiful and I've been searching for a large flocked tree. rosannamieles@gmail.com. Thank you!

Doreen – you home is just gorgeous! I never knew that I want, no need, a flocked tree until I saw yours. Really enjoyed your tour. The nativity mantel is great and I love the red-checked deer in your kitchen too!

Doreen, I can't get over that tree, it's just amazing. So glad you got what you wanted. And that dining room is just the perfect combination of red and white!

Wait, and I love the reindeer too. I've always wanted to decorate my porch but don't have anything as fun to put out there, they look great!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season

I would love to come to your home for a cup of tea. What a lovely, welcoming home. Thanks for giving us a tour!

Your home is decorated beautifully for Christmas. Happy Holidays!

Your home is beautifully decorated for the holidays. Such pretty rooms and vignettes and the mantel is just lovely! Thanks for the tour and Merry Christmas.

Omg! Doreen, your home is gorgeous! Like right out of Better Homes!



Your home is just gorgeous! Magazine worthy and filled with inspiration. Thank you for sharing it with us.

WOW! Your home is gorgeous and all of the photos look like they came straight out of a magazine! Just beautiful, love it!

Okay, my 'pin it' button just caught on fire from all the pinning I just did. Gorgeous home!

Your flocked tree is so pretty. All of your decore is gorgeous. Have a blessed christmas.

What a beautiful home – and I so appreciate your style of decorating. Thanks for sharing – lots of inspiration!!

Seriously! Good thing green is in during Christmas because I am green with envy!! You have an amazing home. I love it!

Wow, things could not look more perfect at your house. Mine definitely pales by comparison. I'm happy to see your snow globe as they are among my favorite things.

Oh how I love your flocked tree, and all your amazing vignettes! You have such an eye for placement and interest, I really enjoyed the tour and look forward to coming back to see more. Merry Christmas!


Your home is absolutely LOVELY!!! I enjoyed every bit of it. Thank you so much for opening your doors for the tour!!

The porch is my favorite part! I love all the childhood mementos. Thank you for sharing!

You have beautiful house. It's feel like I'm visiting your house right now.

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!

Bring you Good wishes of happiness.

Sorry for greeting you earlier,, just don't want miss saying this.

By the way, I'm Clotee. It's my first time visiting your blog. I am blogger too, and now try my best luck to open an e-shop. Nice to know you.



Seriously???? 2 days???? And that GORGEOUS tree came from Walmart???? Holy cannoli, everything is perfection! LOVE the deer artwork, and the chair covers and napkins! What a great idea. The tricycle and wagon with the sweet bear are fabulous. SO glad you were featured at The Scoop so I found your blog. I will be your latest follower. MERRY Christmas!!!

Your house is absolutely beautiful all decorated for Christmas. I would love to know the details of how you made that reindeer art in your kitchen. I am in love with it!

Doreen, I had company last week so I did not make it to the tour. Hoping to visit them all this weekend. Your home is absolutely gorgeous! Love the reindeer art and the German glitter nativity! Everything is just wonderful! Thanks for sharing.



Thank You for sharing your home with all of us. Beautifully decorated. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

I just love the deer picture from the tablecloth. I'm new to your blog. If you haven't shared how to make this, could you blog about it?

Have a very Merry Christ-centered Christmas as well as a good and healthy new year.

Hell Doreen,

Happy to see ya at my party with your beautiful Christmas home tour…thanks so much for coming. Merry Christmas!



Your home is simply gorgeous! I adore the flocked tree in the living room – whole room is amazing but the tree really stands out to me since I've been wanting to do a flocked tree for years. I also enjoyed the red and white theme throughout the house. But then I'm a girl who can get carried away with red very easily! LOL. You've done an amazing job at making your home cozy and festive.

Question: In the dinning room you have what I'd call a black painted dry sink next to the corner hutch. Did you make it? I'm crushing on it.

Beautiful!! I love every little bit – especially all your greenery, your jingle pillow – the reindeer silhouette, and the outdoor porch with your tricycle and wagon – so many perfect and adorable vignettes. LOVE all the hits of red!!

First time here and totally LOVE the decor. I think the reindeer is in the perfect spot. And the porch tree is my favorite. Awesome. Where did you get that awesome house number? It is SO cool. Happy Holiday! Joan

Which flocked tree did you get at Walmart? Was it the 7.5 feet one that was $128.00? It is just beautiful!

I just wrote the last comment about which flocked Christmas tree from Walmart. If you could please email me the link for the tree, I would greatly appreciate it. My email address is: akjones@wowway.com Thank you so much!!!

Your home is simply gorgeous! I adore the flocked tree in the living room – whole room is amazing but the tree really stands out to me since I've been wanting to do a flocked tree for years. I also enjoyed the red and white theme throughout the house. But then I'm a girl who can get carried away with red very easily! LOL. You've done an amazing job at making your home cozy and festive.

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Absolutely beautiful! You did a wonderful job decorating your home for Christmas! I loved the tour, THANKS for sharing!!

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Your home is simply gorgeous! I adore the flocked tree in the living room – whole room is amazing but the tree really stands out to me since I've been wanting to do a flocked tree for years. I also enjoyed the red and white theme throughout the house. But then I'm a girl who can get carried away with red very easily! LOL. You've done an amazing job at making your home cozy and festive.

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Your home is simply gorgeous! I adore the flocked tree in the living room – whole room is amazing but the tree really stands out to me since I've been wanting to do a flocked tree for years. I also enjoyed the red and white theme throughout the house. But then I'm a girl who can get carried away with red very easily! LOL. You've done an amazing job at making your home cozy and festive.

What paint color did you use in kitchen bath and bedrooms?

Thanks again,

Pam Schmuland


Well, we are still enjoying your home tour and it is almost Christmas 2014. I think I pinned almost every photo. Thanks so much for the great ideas!

I’m so excited to share my holiday home with you today. This is stop #17 of the Home for the Holidays Christmas Tour. Hymns and Verses is just one of 30 blogs who are sharing their holiday homes with you!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the tour this week. If you missed any of the homes shown on Monday and Tuesday, you can catch up – the full schedule is at the bottom of this post.

Three words that would describe my decorating this year – Fast and Furious! In just two days my home went from fall to Christmas! Christmas carols on Pandora and a very patient and helpful family got me through it! Here we go – here’s my 2013 Holiday Home!

This year I placed my grapevine reindeer right at the front door to great you! My husband said – Reindeer don’t belong on a porch – they should be in the yard, but mine are the friendly kind that want to greet my guests!

I picked up a small tree and placed it in an old orchard basket. I decorated it with a pom pom garland, plaid ribbon, and word ornaments.

The wreath on the door has a pretty, white wooden snowflake in the center with just the right amount of glitter and some white and red plaid ribbon!

This year I purchase a new faux flocked Christmas tree and I love it! I really like the look of a flocked tree and thought about making my own, but saw this one at Walmart and the price was right! It is decorated in white and silver ornaments – some that I made, some that I’ve had for a while, and of course, few new ones – some pretty mercury glass balls and glittery bird nests from Home Goods. I found the mirrored star for the treetop at Marshall’s and love it!

My mantel features my DIY silhouette nativity with German glass glitter that I made last year (you can get the instructions HERE). I changed it up slightly with a different, more rustic chalkboard frame and a twig star. I found some birch slabs at a local shop and used them as candle bases for my glass hurricanes.

Beside the fireplace is a little vignette on my antique trunk. Sometimes the tiny things get missed in a big home tour, so I wanted to feature a few of those little details today. This little silver bird just felt right under the glass cloche.

And, here’s one of my favorite little Christmas decorations, a simple water globe with white reindeer and white wire trees.

I hung some large pinecones from ribbon in my front windows. This year I added some white paint and glitter to the pinecone tips to make them sparkle in the sunlight! A simple chalkboard hangs above my antique library table.

On the tabletop is an old silver bowl filled to the brim with silver and white ornaments, a vintage inspired white sheep, and some mercury glass candle holders.

Now let’s head into the dining room! As you can see, red and white is clearly the color theme this year!

I recovered my dining chair seats with a $5 tablecloth found in the clearance section at Home Goods. I also picked up the matching napkins – also in the clearance section. The centerpiece on the table are just twigs in a rustic vase that I had used on my fall mantel HERE. I removed the fall leaves and added some tiny red, white, and silver ornaments. Tied to the back of each chair with bright red ribbon are some fresh greens.

I dressed up my corner cupboard with some more red, white, and silver ornaments, a Christmas cloche with a vintage style Belsnickel and reindeer, and some pewter pieces.

My antique water table once again serves as my hot cocoa station. I found this sparkly, white bottle brush tree at Goodwill for $6.97! I made the paper garland around the mirror and added red bead garland.

Here’s a close up of the hot cocoa station.

The silver nutcracker is a Goodwill find from last year!

My old door message center got a Christmas makeover with a simple boxwood wreath and a few more red and white touches.

I made the linen jingle pillow last winter to sell in my Etsy shop.

I had so much fun decorating my new kitchen! If you missed my kitchen makeover, you can see that HERE. Over my kitchen window is a fresh pine garland with some red ribbon and a tin star.

I made the reindeer artwork from the same $5 tablecloth that was used to cover the dining chairs.

Now let’s head outside to the back porch.

Since I got the new flocked tree for the living room, I decided to put up my old tree on the porch. To decorate it, I used large wood stars from Michael’s that were purchased after Christmas last year on a deep discount. The other main ornaments are just red, white, and gray yarn wrapped balls – because styrofoam is so expensive, I bought a whole bag of glittery styrofoam ornaments from Goodwill for .97 and used them as my base. You would never know there is gold glitter under those yarn ornaments!

My childhood red tricycle and my boy’s red wagon filled with packages sit at the base of the tree. The little bear was added last minute and looks like he belongs there.

The table in front of my glider holds an old Coke crate with some vintage mason jars filled with sand and tea lights and surrounded by fresh greens.

Even the swing is made cozy with a warm throw a vintage teddy bear.

Another little table has a crock filled with fresh greens and these adorable cowboy boots that were a gift to my now 23 year old when he was one! My friend was in college in Texas and brought them home for him! I’ve kept them all these years and love how they look here!

I hope you have enjoyed visiting with me today!

I’d like to take a moment to thank One Kings Lane for being a sponsor and also for giving away a $200 gift certificate to one lucky reader! We also have other great giveaways as part of a Santa’s Gift Bag! There are several chances to enter! All winners will be announced next week.


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Original article and pictures take http://www.hymnsandverses.com/2013/12/2013-christmas-home-tour.html site

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