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Pumpkin Spice Chex Mix

Pumpkin Spice Chex Mix

Pumpkin Spice Chex Mix

This looks awesome! Our office manager accidentally ordered 11 boxes of cereal (instead of 2…), so I may have to whip some of this up ASAP!

I’m with your neighbor on the candy corn thing, but if you twist my arm… This looks like a fun treat to package up & give away, you know, if there’s any left over!

Will be making batch #2 this week. Perfect fall treat!

Great for sharing.

This looks amazing! I mean really Halloween is just around the corner and this would be great!

Pretty sure I need this in my life!

I can hardly even believe it’s pumpkin season already. This would be great fun to munch on.

I love Chex Mix and never thought about adding pumpkin spice to it… love this!

Pumpkin Spice Chex Mix?! This is possibly the best thing EVER!

Oh, what a great idea for a Chex Mix! This is making me excited for fall to arrive!

It sounds wonderful…and candy corn are one of my weaknesses this time of year! My family is known for hiding and hoarding favorite foods, so your comment about that made me giggle.

Yum & with the candy corn flavor M&M’s that just might be the perfect magic touch

I made this today and it turned out perfectly! Easy and great.

Willing to try for my Halloween Party, where I serve about 19homemade pizza’s. This will be a nice take home treat.

Do you microwave this on the high setting?

Yes, on high!


I made this yesterday for our Church coffee hour. I did the oven version and your right, my house smelled amazing!!! I too am not a candy corn lover, but with the chex and pretzel it is the perfect bite!!! Delicious and couldn’t have been easier. Thank you!!

So glad you tired it even though you aren’t usually a candy corn lover. It really is the perfect bite one all eaten together! So glad you enjoyed it Katie!

Just finished making this. Awesome! I added a few pecans to a small batch. Great addition!!

Love the addition of pecans Sarah!

I want to make this for my daughters gymnastics party this coming friday. How long will this last in snack size ziplocks?

It should still be fresh in 3 days as long as it’s packed up in airtight containers right away!

I am making for Halloween. Which way is best? Oven or microwave? Looks so good!

I vote oven because it’s like a giant candle for your house.

In the oven now, smells awesome tasted one bite before it’s baked and wow! Taking to a party Friday night!

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YOU GUYS. This Pumpkin Spice Chex Mix is amazing. I know you are thinking, you always say that. And it’s true, I do…because it is always good. But I seriously could not keep myself out of this chex mix. It’s so easy to make, I even made y’all a quick video. You can make it in the oven (and your house will smell better than any candle could make it smell) or in the microwave!

After the first bite, I proceeded to eat a whole cookie sheet worth — literally shoveling it into my face. And then after we had embarrassingly eaten it all, I made it again. Jorge kept taking giant handfuls with him up to his office to work and eventually he took a container upstairs and claimed it as his.

I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like it at first. I love pumpkin spice flavored things and I love chex mix — but I am usually not a huge fan of of the candy corn. I like candy corn ok, but it is not my absolute favorite candy. However, once I had a bite with all the components in one, I was sold. Total perfection.

I ended up making this Pumpkin Spice Chex Mix because I had a severe overstock of cereal in my pantry. I somehow managed to buy five boxes in cereal in one week. Each time I would come home and remember that I had already bought cereal that week. Before kids I wouldn’t understand how someone did that. These days, I’m proud to say it has only happened once.

When you make it, because you totally have to make it, you have to make sure and try it all in one big bite. My neighbor Kerri doesn’t like candy corn at all, but I forced her to try it all at once and she agreed the combo is perfect. This is absolutely my new favorite sweet chex mix — you must make it now. Right now.

The first time I made this, I made it in the oven and the next time I made a batch in the microwave. The oven makes your house smell absolutely amazing — better than any candle! And the microwave only takes minutes to make. Both work perfectly, it’s up to you!

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