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PVC Lit Candy Canes

PVC Lit Candy Canes

PVC Lit Candy Canes

ALOT cheaper to just buy them at Wal-Mart ..... and have your nerves intact for the rest of the holiday :)

You've missed the concept of DIY which does not involve employing Chinese children to do your work.

What a great idea!!!

Very cute idea!

I love your idea!!!!! My hubby has lots of materials of pvc that i can use. Can't wait to go in the garage & make them!! Thank you >,

These are great for a front doorway if you are wanting more than just a wreath to deck your door this holiday season. These lit PVC pipe candy canes are easy to make and will last for years to come! All it takes is some paint and PVC parts and a good strand of lights to create these fun and festive pieces. I don't personally have a doorway to decorate these with, but I have a very Christmas decoration loving grandma who will be super excited to add these to her arsenal.

These bows are definitely a great touch. You can see them glistening against the string of lights in the candy canes and they just sort of complete the piece.

SUPPLIES: (for 2)

-2 Strands of LED Battery Powered Lights

-2 2\"-3\" PVC Drain with Stainless Steel Strain

-2 2\u2033 PVC P-trap with union

-2 2\u2033 x 2\u2033 PVC solid pipe in 2' length

-2 2\u2033 street elbow

-Sand Paper / Sander

-Scotch Tape / Painter's Tape

-Spray Paint in Colors of your choice (I used red and green)

-Handful of Stones or Rocks

-Ribbon (or pre-made Christmas bows)

STEP 2: Place your PVC pieces together to form the shape of a candy cane. On the bottom you will put the drain with the stainless steel strain then the 2' solid pipe. On top of the solid pipe goes the p-trap and then the elbow is attached to that.

STEP 3: Wrap tape around the entire pipe form in a swirl so as to create the classic candy cane stripe.

STEP 4: Drill holes in between each tape stripe. This will allow the lights to shine through.

Then spray paint the parts of the PVC that are showing with red paint.

STEP 5: Once your red paint has dried you can add another smaller stripe in another color if you want All you have to do is make sure to cover all the red paint that is on the piece and then leave open small stripes within the white space open to be sprayed with another color. You could use green or gold or silver! The options are endless!

STEP 6: Once all the paint has dried remove all your tape and the bottom piece of the cane (the drain). Then feed your light strand into the pipes.

STEP 7: You can just leave the strand in the pipe to shine through or you can feed one bulb through each hole to rest on the outside of the cane. Simply remove the bulb and feed it through the hole and then place it back in the socket once it is through and the bulb will rest on the outside.

STEP 8: If you want you can add a bit of extra charm by adding a bow around the candy cane. You can buy a pre-made one or you can make your own and either tie it or as I did you can secure it with hot glue to the candy cane.

STEP 9: Before placing your drain back on the bottom of the candy cane add a handful of rocks or stones. This will help give weight to the bottom and keep the candy cane(s) from getting toppled over in the wind.

Honestly getting all these bulbs through the holes was an interesting task when I got to the middle of the pipe, but I used some tweezers and pulled them through and I think it was worth the effort.

Took these to a neighbors front door to test out how they would look and there ya have it! They looked great in the daylight and at night. The dark picture doesn't give them justice, but in person they were gleamin away!


Original article and pictures take http://www.hometalk.com/23615639/pvc-lit-candy-canes site

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