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Reindeer Christmas Mason Jar Gift Idea

Reindeer Christmas Mason Jar Gift Idea

Reindeer Christmas Mason Jar Gift Idea

So adorable! Great idea’s, luckily we can buy these jars in The Netherlands too now, so can join in the fun of making gifts of these.

Thanks Phyllis!

such a cute idea! Might have to make these for my kids teachers :)


What a cute present! I always love mason jars and to think that I’m too busy to make hundreds of presents, I think this is just perfect.

These are so cute! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas with all of us.

If you’re looking for easy and creative Christmas gift ideas then you may have just come to the right place! This Reindeer Christmas Mason Jar Gift is simple to make and can be easily customized. If you like this project you may also like these Elf Mason Jars.

If you’re new here there’s a little bit of a tradition to share a Christmas themed mason jar gift each Holiday season. (you can read the story of how I came up with this crazy idea HERE). It all began with a Santa Claus Mason Jar 3 years ago then continued with Snowmen and Elf Mason Jars. Last year after I shared the idea for the Elf Mason jar I got a bunch of emails requesting a Reindeer (specifically Rudolph) Mason Jar to compliment the other “characters”

Because of that, this years Christmas Mason jar is a Reindeer. Let me say first, I KNOW that I am not the first one to get an idea to put pipe cleaners on a jar and call it a reindeer. I realize that idea has been done before. However I thought that I would put my own “spin” on the idea by creating a jar that coordinated with the jars from previous years.

Just like in years past, I’ve created a custom gift tag for the jar. The tag this year even gives you a few ideas to personalize it a bit more!

Want to make one (or ten *wink*)? Here’s what you’ll need (contains affiliate links)

1. Mason Jars, You can buy standard Mason Jars (not wide mouth ones) or Smooth Mason Jars. The best price I’ve found online for the Smooth Jars is Oneida (they are half the price of the smooth ones on Amazon even with shipping).

2. Brown Candy, I used Whoppers, you could also use Chocolate Covered Pretzels

3. 1\u2033 Red Pom Pom

5. Goggly Eyes

6. Hot Glue & Gun

7. Brown Pipe Cleaners

or White Cardstock

9. Merry & Bright Reindeer Tags….

This year I’m trying something new with the tag downloads, last year I was answering a million (okay not really a million) emails on Christmas Eve of people who HAD to have the tags RIGHT THEN and wanted me to email them right away.– Or people emailed me saying they had the Snowman Tags and wanted the Elf tags, etc. Needless to say it all got to be a bit overwhelming. So this year I’m offering ALL of the Christmas tags in ONE SIMPLE download! This download includes the Santa, Snowman, Elf and Reindeer tags along with MANY more that have never been offered here before.

The Tag Bundle is only $1.99, you can purchase it online and you will receive an email automatically after you complete your purchase so you can download the tags yourself.

$1.99 Buy Now

Okay, now that you have your supplies let’s make one!

First twist your pipe cleaner into a circle. (make sure it fits around the mouth of your jar first)

Add one pipe cleaner folded in half to each side of the circle.

Twist the pipe cleaner about 2/3 of the way to the end

Cut one pipe cleaner into 4 pieces.

Twist one cut piece around the end of each pipe cleaner.

After you’ve done that wrap the pipe cleaner antlers around your mason jar. Use hot glue to get the antlers to stand up. Then use one more pipe cleaner around the entire thing to hide the hot glue marks.

Hot glue the 1\u2033 pom pom to the front of the jar.

Print out your tags and punch out.

Using hot glue (and some tweezers to help you hold the eyes) glue two eyes and a small pom pom to the front of each tag. You can also glue ONLY the eyes or ONLY the nose if you like that better.

Secure to the jar with twine! You’re done!

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Original article and pictures take http://www.polkadotchair.com/2015/11/reindeer-christmas-mason-jar-gift-idea.html/ site

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