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Root Beer Reindeer Handmade Christmas Gift

Root Beer Reindeer Handmade Christmas Gift

Root Beer Reindeer Handmade Christmas Gift

Cute, cute, cute!!!!

I love this idea!! How Cool!

Love these!

I LOVE it!! That is so awesome!!

I also loved your comment on my blog yesterday that we were separated at birth! hehehe… I can totally see that!


Oh those are adorable. What a great craft for little kids. I will have to save that one for my future grandkids.


These are adorable. And have 2 of my favorite craft products: googley eyes and pipe cleaner!! So cute!

i just love your fun and practical gift idea !

Looks great! Awesome job! The teachers will LOVE them!

These are adorable, Kristin! Great idea to use this as a teacher gift… I’m adding this to my list of possible gifts for my daughter’s teachers. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing this idea. Just made them with my son for his Kindergarten teachers. He was able to do most of the work himself and they turned out really cute.

Such an adorable idea!! My sister loves IBC Root Beer so I’m making her a set for Christmas. Thanks for sharing!

SO love it and SO doing it next year!!!

Such a cute idea! Pinning and sharing on FB!

Thanks so much Desiree!!

When I saw these on Fingerprints on the Fridge, I knew I had to make them. I have been trying to come up with something clever to give to Cooper’s preschool teachers, and since there is a staff of nine who all work with each class, I knew it had to be something cute and on the cheap!

Total cost for this project:

$3.60 per six pack (on sale at Ralphs)

Packs of pipe cleaner, google eyes, and pom-poms (about 100 each): $10

Total cost was a little $40 for nine six-packs, or about $4.70 per six pack.

Less than $5 per person and I have a super adorable treat for each of the wonderful teachers to show them our appreciation. It would be a great activity for the kids too!

Original article and pictures take http://www.simplyklassichome.com/2010/11/handmade-christmas-gift-idea.html site

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