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Simple Scandinavian Woven Heart Ornaments

Simple Scandinavian Woven Heart Ornaments

Simple Scandinavian Woven Heart Ornaments

A couple of years ago in the kids Christmas Eve box I added a make your own Christmas Paper Ornaments book for them to do with my husband and in-laws whilst I prepared the food for Christmas Day. In the book, there was paper woven hearts to make. Having discovered my love of all things Scandinavian and natural I decided that it would be perfect to create some Woven Hearts with a less breakable material so decided that felt was an ideal material. These Simple Scandinavian Woven Hearts are perfect Christmas Decorations for around the home or to hang from the tree.

Materials you will need to make these Woven Heart Ornaments

Sheet of White Craft Felt I like using 100% wool but acrylic is fine as well.

Sheet of Red Craft Felt

Plastic Cup to draw around




How to make your Scandinavian Woven Heart Ornaments

Make a paper template so that your hearts will be the same size. Take a sheet of paper the same size as your craft felt and fold in half and then into quarters. Cut out one of the quarters – this will be the size of your heart. Check that it is the right size for your work.

Using this as a template divide your red and white craft felt sheets into your hearts – I was left over with a small strip of felt which I put aside to use later to create a loop to hang the hearts with.

On the none folded end draw around a plastic cup to get a nice rounded edge.

Measure the width of your felt heart and divide this by 4. To do this you need to fold the felt in half and along the fold mark out the 4 sections (3 cuts will be made here).

Now at the other end mark the same division and draw lines between the points.

Cut along these lines and repeat on ALL of your felt pieces.

Take a white felt piece and a red piece making sure that any pencil marks are on the inside of the folded shape start to weave the pieces together.

Start with the first red and pass through the center of the white in the first row. Then put the second white through the red, then red through the third white and the final white through the red. So you get an in out typical woven pattern.

With the second red thread the first white through the center of the red, the second white weave the red through, the third white you need to pass through the red, and the fourth white thread the red through the center.

Repeat the last two steps with the final two sections to form a checkerboard pattern of the heart.

Adjust the felt so that you have a neat pattern and then create a hanging loop. I used the spare felt and created and loop and then stitched inside the heart – however, some red ribbon would do the job just as well.

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