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Turn an Old Barn Photo Reprint into a Salvaged Wood Wall Hook

Turn an Old Barn Photo Reprint into a Salvaged Wood Wall Hook

Turn an Old Barn Photo Reprint into a Salvaged Wood Wall Hook

Great idea Angie.

I loved your barn photo and thought is was fantastic, but this is just over the top gorgeous! I love it and am pinning it! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome creative talent with us!

Really nice! I love the look. You are just so creative!

I love this and would love to do something similar with a picture of our old barn that is being torn down. Can you tell me how you did the transfer of the image to the wood? Thanks!

Chris, here’s my tutorial to transfer images on wood – http://knickoftime.net/2014/01/photo-transfer-onto-wood-repurposed-wood-salvage-coat-rack.html

How did you apply the pic to the wood? I love this!

Dodi, it’s homemade Modge Podge – White glue mixed with a little water.

Please tell me how u did this! That is beautiful! I would like to do one of my grandmothers first house that burned in the late40’s! Thanks

Sheree, I added a link to the full tutorial at the bottom of the post for you! Have fun!

On Saturday, I shared a free printable of a photo I took of an old barn near us, and promised to show you what I did with the image. I turned it into a wall hook, using some salvaged wood that was inside our barn! I’m not sure what the wood was from originally, but there was a decent size stack of it in the loft of our barn when we moved in, which I didn’t even realize until I told my husband I needed a piece of old wood. I can’t believe he’s been holding out on my all this time!

The wood had remnants of old paint on it, so it was perfect as a background for the old barn image. I had the photo printed on laser paper at Staples – they are starting to get to know me very well there! I’ve never been disappointed with the copies they make on their laser printers – they look like photo reprints, rather than just a plain color copy, and they are perfect for transfer projects.

I distressed the sides of the transfer, so it would blend well with the old wood I put it on, and I was thrilled to see that the grain of the wood picked up through the transfer.

I had more copies made of just the barn wood and the rock wall at the bottom of the barn, and I have some projects in mind to use them with as well. I’ll show them to you later when I finish them.

For the full tutorial on doing an Image Transfers onto Wood, click HERE

Original article and pictures take http://knickoftime.net/2014/08/old-barn-salvaged-wood-wall-hook.html site

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