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Dollar Store Snowflake Door Hanger

Dollar Store Snowflake Door Hanger

Dollar Store Snowflake Door Hanger

I love this. Same snowflakes I made my seashell ornaments with. Great minds think alike

This is gorgeous! I want it for my door! Reuben will probably find a way to climb up and hang out on it

Maybe I’ll try it out after the holidays! And thanks, but I’m not as crafty as you!

Haha you’re too nice! But let’s be real, your “fails” sometimes put my “successful” projects to shame lol!

This is gorgeous! I want to make one immediately!

This looks stunning

Oh my goodness! I totally love it! Looks magical haha ^^ This is how I imagine Elsa from Frozen would decorate her door <3

It turned out SO pretty!

I love it.. Snow flakes on a door… Better than in my drive way.. I seen those and bought some for my xmass pres

ents they are really neat on certain packages..

So pretty and sparkly! I love it!


This is wonderful, so modern and unique!

I love snowflakes & this is a simply, sparkly fantastic concept! ???? Guess I’ll be making trips to all 3 of the dollar stores in town to find different types of snowflakes! ???? Can’t wait to see how it turns out! Thank you!

Did you use ribbon or how did you hang the Snowflakes? Where these a current purchase at Dollar Tree?

Did you just glue them to each other or did you have a backing of some sort to glue them to.

so you hot glued them together , no backing?? just paint and glitter and arrange as your directs you – beautiful!

I would really. Like to know what color your door is I love that along with the snowflakes

They worked well to on my shell angels and my angel wings just glued them on the snow flakes I made large shell angels and small angels and angel wings. Big sellers at the fairs

Found this on Pinterest- Halloween isn’t done yet but the Christmas section is already growing at the dollar store! I totally made two of these with a friend the other day, added some sparkly blue snowflakes too!! They turned out gorgeous! Thanks for the wonderful idea.

Saw this, went to the Dollar Store, found 4 different sizes of Snowflakes,(number of snowflakes depends on size) now I have to get in gear to make one or 2 or more.

I must apologize. I have been neglecting you. With all of this Reuben nonsense going on, I don’t have a lot of extra spare time. He’s got me running around, setting up sets, moving mountains, and pouring drinks. He’s been partying nonstop since his arrival, and he only has a week and a half left. I’m sure his antics will only get crazier with each passing day, since he’ll have to get some of this energy out before he goes back to the North Pole and has to answer to a certain white-haired, slightly overweight, old guy in a red suit.

In the meantime, I’ve been stopping at the Dollar Tree every week trying to get props for Reuben. Every time I walk through the holiday aisles, I see these pretty snowflakes. Anything covered in sparkling glitter calls out to me. Doesn’t matter if its a spatula or a garden hose. If it’s covered in glitter, I must own it. So of course I couldn’t buy just one pack of these snowflakes.

Ten packages later, I arrived home with my loot. I arranged the snowflakes into a pattern I liked and smothered them in hot glue. My glue gun is now covered in glitter too. Looks like it was a win/win for me. Now I’m off…Reuben is calling

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